The Next Generation of Video Games

The video game industry seemed to have erupted back in the late 1970s to the early 1980s. Everyone was purchasing an Atari and either hooking it up to their color television or even their old black and white one. If you can remember Atari from this time, you probably can recall Pac-Man fever. Heck, you might have suffered from it yourself. You could get on the Atari and play Pac-Man alone for hours. But the great thing was that there were many more addicting video games besides Pac-Man on the Atari.


It wasn’t too much longer after this that Nintendo took over the video game market. Along with the new gaming system, there were hundreds of games to choose from. Pac-Man was replaced by the Mario Brothers and Nintendo showed no sign of slowing down.


Sega presented an arch-rival to Nintendo and offered up just as many games. It was tough for consumers to decide between the two gaming systems, so many people just went ahead and bought both of them. Eventually, they would lean towards one over the other, but having two systems was a pretty awesome thing back then.


Playstation emerged in the early 1990s and soon enough, people were forgetting about Sega and Nintendo. The power had shifted and the PlayStation games that were coming out on CD-Rom were considered the best of the best. They had better graphics and more difficult games.

The Future Is Here

Nowadays, there really is no one gaming system that is running the market. You could have an XBox, a Nintendo Wii, or even a PlayStation 4. The amount of memory and storage on these systems has come a long way in the last three decades. And it shows no signs of slowing down. It won’t be long before gaming replaces real-life interaction.

3D Gaming

3D gaming is now as popular as all of the other systems. Being able to visually see yourself in these games is something to behold. In fact, there are movies being made about this experience. Everyone wants to try the latest and greatest 3D game, you can be a pilot in a flight simulator, lead an army in a first-person shooting game or try to take pole position in a 3d racing game. If you are interested in learning more about 3D design, you are in luck. Go ahead and discover Solidworks, a 3D design software and soon enough, you may be creating your own video game to be added to the shelf.

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