Why You Should Get Rid of Your PlayStation Games Now

Xbox PlaystationPlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo have long been competing to see who could offer the best entertainment in the console market. Now however, mobile gaming has now crept in and left consoles a lagging in their popularity. With a new release expected from Xbox in the form of the Xbox 720, we may see a slight increase in console gaming interest, but overall the shift to portable and compact gaming is in full swing.


Will Consoles Become Extinct?

The increase in compatible mobile games for all operating systems and platforms has been dramatic, with Android boasting over 700,000 games available on the Google Play store and through 3rd parties. Gamers can now enjoy all the same great entertainment on their smart phone or tablet, making gaming far more convenient and portable than ever before.

Console gaming requires the player to purchase the compatible game which usually only works with one specific device. This is costly and can be replaced by a multimedia mobile device that boasts built in features and instant access to thousands of free and paid-for games.

There are several positive attributes that are associated with mobile gaming and the genres of games on offer are also incredibly diverse. Games can be downloaded or played online and range from arcade and puzzle games to MMO’s and first person shooters. Most games can be accessed on the go and the touch screen technology integrated with the mobile device’s navigation offers a new and interactive way of gaming that a console has yet to feature.


Moving to Mobile

The big shift to mobile has prompted many people to clear out their cupboards and get rid of titles they no longer play. This brings in additional income and ensures that other people can still make use of the games before they become outdated.

If you wait too long to sell PlayStation games there may not be a market for them, so the best time is to do it now while you can capitalise on those who still make use of their consoles. This is especially true for older model games and for those who have PlayStation games from consoles dating several years back. This way you can de-clutter your home and make some extra cash on games you will never use again.

There will always be collectors who prefer the older games but with technology advancing so rapidly, there are hundreds of titles that will soon be worthless. If you sell your games early on your will reap the rewards while you still can, rather than waiting for new technology to be released that will make the older games redundant. If you sell your old PlayStation games you will be able to spend the proceeds on new games or technology.


Bill Smythe is a regular contributor to tech and gaming blogs and magazines. He is an avid gamer, is well versed in the latest technology and an expert in limited edition rare games. Bill will always point you in the right direction if you are looking to buy or sell PlayStation games or other console equipment.

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  1. Nope! We only buy the ones with great replay value, and the next gen consoles promise to be back-compatible with the most popular titles, anyway. There’s going to be some cloud computing, but most high-budget titles will NOT be downloadables. )

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