What to Expect from AI in EdTech

The following article has been inspired by the thoughts of Mr. Mayank Srivastava. He is the Founder of Experts’ Global, one of the world’s leading EdTech firms in the field of GMAT prep and MBA admission consulting. Education Technology informally referred to as EdTech, refers to the practice of utilizing technology to impart education. The education industry, as […]

The Integration of Business and Technology

Entrepreneurs in the 21st century are relying on the power of technology to promote their businesses, and those who are taking advantage of the internet are taking the lead. Before the technological advancement felt today, business people relied heavily on their skills to market their products, paying people to promote their businesses either through newspapers […]

5 Simple Ways to Stay-Up-to-Date in your Professional Field

Working in today’s dynamic and fast paced world means constantly keeping up to date with industry trends, new information and discoveries. This is not only important if you’re just starting off your career, but it remains highly important throughout your entire career. Constantly staying up-to-date in the industry is extremely important when working with clients […]

A DIY Website Builder That Can Make Your E-Commerce Business a Success

These days, e-commerce businesses are increasing in popularity. This is largely because a considerable portion of the global population is turning to online stores when it comes to doing their shopping. This is why, if you are planning to set up an e-commerce business, you can be quite certain that you are in the right […]

Role Of Technology In Design

Being a designer is not easy. You have to contact clients, compute prices, think of a good inspiration, and turn your visions into reality by creating your projects. If all of these things are already stressing you out, then maybe you are still not aware of how technology is making life easier for designers all […]