How to Fix Instagram Notes Not Showing? : Get Notes

Instagram Notes is a fun feature introduced by the company in late 2022. Since then, its popularity has spread like wildfire as many Instagram users have made use of the feature to share their thoughts with their followers.  However, many users have reported that they don’t have this feature or that it has suddenly disappeared […]

Your Ultimate Guide for Designing Modern Healthcare Website

In today’s technological world, online presence is essential no matter what business you’re in. Whether it’s healthcare or fashion, every industry needs an online presence. Like in healthcare, more and more patients turn to the internet to find healthcare providers, seek medical information, and book appointments. For all these things, having a well-designed healthcare website […]

How 5G Will Revolutionize Our World

5G is the latest release of mobile worldwide networks that is set to revolutionize connectivity. The advanced technology promises to provide better connections, faster download times, and upload speeds. It should be more reliable and have lower latency, ensuring that individuals are productive in the workplace and can connect with friends and family seamlessly. Overall, […]

10 Key Benefits of Visual Regression Testing on Cloud

Web and mobile applications are continually emerging in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. It may be difficult for developers and testers to make sure that upgrades and modifications don’t lead to obtrusive design changes or aesthetic flaws as a result. Cloud-based visual regression testing has become a potent remedy. We’ll examine the top ten advantages of […]

Top 3 Mobile Automation Frameworks to Use

Mobile automation frameworks are software tools developed to automate the testing of mobile applications. The framework furnishes a platform for creating, executing, and handling automated tests for mobile applications. This assures that the applications are performing accurately across various platforms and devices. Mobile application testing is a tricky and time-intensive method because of the wide […]