Your Board Portal Software Needs These Features

Many companies, Crown agencies, credit unions, health organizations, and even non-profits across North America are turning to board portal software to get modern and secure communications tools for their board of directors. But not all board portal software is of equal quality, and it’s important to select the one that has all the features you […]

Three SEO secrets that you should probably know

There is a whole lot more to optimising a website for search than meets the eye. Some websites appear to get it right almost by accident, while other sites have been around for years and simply cannot muster any traffic – they just cannot get it right. There is no single silver bullet or piece […]

Why is Agile Project Management Being Used by Non-Development Teams?

Agile Project Management is a term you will hear associated with software development projects. It is popular because it helps the project managers to balance discipline to every phase of the project without compromising on the creativity and innovative aspect of the process. It isn’t rigid so you can easily handle changes during the projects. […]

How to Solve iOS Update Problems Easily

If you have been a faithful Apple user for a long time, then you must know that even though the iOS is pretty reliable and slick, you eventually encounter problems. Common ones are Apple logo white screen of death, boot loop, and black screen of death. Sometimes it is because you install a buggy beta […]

7 Things Not To Do When Using VPN for Digital Marketing

If you think about how much of your life is available over the insecure internet, it can be a bit scary. Luckily, there’s a way to secure your data, which can at least give you some control over how you’re identified online. With the use of a VPN encryption or virtual private network, you can […]