Peer to Peer File Sharing Software P2P

P2P networks allow those that use them to use a file-sharing network to share files: in this case music, video and games files. This is done by connecting storage devices such as hard disks, USB memory, and DVDs between two or more computers and transferring selected data from one to another. Although the vast majority […]

How to Uproot Your Life and Become a Digital Nomad

The internet has allowed us to enter a new age. The digital age. While it’s been upon us for quite a while at this point in 2018, the digital age has changed the landscape of the way we can lead our lives. Instead of being rooted in one city, people have the opportunity to move […]

Will Regulation Kill or Civilize Cryptos Market?

After so much hype towards the end of 2017, cryptocurrencies have faced a shockingly bad start to 2018. Cryptocurrencies had finally broken away from being a niche financial industry, to becoming much more mainstream or commonplace. But 2018 has seen regulation somehow clip their wings.  Regulatory headlines have dominated the industry this year, with market […]

4 Tech Trends Changing the World of Business

“Disruption” is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. Every person with a slightly innovative idea is talking about disrupting the established way of doing things. Some people succeed in creating disruption. The founders of Facebook, for example, managed to disrupt both social dynamics and how people get their news. Other people […]

So, You Want to Get Into Product Design Engineering

Product design engineering is an exciting field. Developing the next generation of products and figuring things out when problems arise is a key part of this enjoyable vocation. The product design engineering field is broad and has specializations depending on your interests and talents. These include bioengineering, environmental engineering, nanotechnology, data science, mechanical engineers, and […]