5 Critical Skills Needed to Get into IoT in 2021

The Internet of Things or IoT is no longer just a buzzword as it was a few years ago. Thanks to improvements in AI, big data, and cloud computing technologies, IoT devices are becoming a staple in many industries and homes.  Revenues from IoT devices are expected to top $520 billion by 2025. Healthcare, infrastructure, […]

How Has Technology Changed Vaping: Should You Start Vaping E-juice?

Fourteen years ago, in 2007, electronic cigarettes were put on the market, and ever since, they’ve been getting more and more popular each day. Along with the device, e-juice has evolved too, becoming more affordable and easy to get. The advent of e-commerce also made it simpler for many companies to build their sales and […]

Facts Vs. Fiction – Debunking Themes about 5G Connection

Image While we started cellular networks with 2G, technology has taken new leaps now. And, the advancing rate of technology has now introduced the latest breakthrough – 5G networks. Many people are now looking forward to the official launch of the 5G networks in their area.  But, with the new technology comes a variety of […]

How To Ensure The Best Online Privacy With A VPN

If you are using the Internet… Okay, let’s start that over. There’s no way you aren’t using the Internet in 2020. Plus, you wouldn’t even be able to read this in case you weren’t already familiar with the wonders of the World Wide Web. So, we need to take a slightly different approach to the […]

Has IPv4 gone forever?

We have heard for years that IPv4 is over and that IPv6 is the future, but nothing has changed yet (or so it seems) IPv4 addresses were out of stock years ago, and the world keeps turning. That seems to be the conclusion of a situation that some analysts called worrying and that years later […]