Why Cloud Hosting Is More Secure Than Other Traditional Hosting Services

Ever since Cloud Hosting has been introduced as a faster, safer and more efficient alternative to the traditional hosting plans, there have been a few myths surrounding the security of data in the cloud. Some such myths are: The cloud is not safe It is easier to attack The data is accessible to everyone You […]

7 Amazing Technological Advances Within the Construction Industry

Many people may think that the industries of construction and technology have nothing in common, but thanks to recent technological advances, the construction industry is getting a shake-up. From solar panel roads to robotic gloves and indestructible thermal imaging smartphones, technology is changing the future of construction. These are just some of the recent tech […]

GeoIP Ban: What Is It and What Can I Do About It?

As business owners and consumers, it is crucial that we become more familiar with all forms of currency. No longer are we restricted to payments made by cash, debit cards, or credit cards. Instead, customers have the option of completing an electronic transaction to quickly send money from one person to the other. Or, there […]

Big Data in Healthcare

In healthcare, Big Data offer a look into the health trends available to assist providers in better assessing their patients. Pokemon is a perfect example of Big Data. The game allows trainers to collect and use various monsters in battle each other. By employing Big Data in healthcare, providers obtain a vast amount of information. […]

How to change the Windows 7 Boot Screen

Many users are keen on creating unique styles for the installed Windows OS. This is due to the desire to stand out from the crowd and give the working environment its own style. The starting screen for windows 7 at first glance, is simply an animated Windows logo that the user could see at the […]