5 Best Practices in Accessibility Web Design

Getting several visitors to your website and have them browse through different pages is likely one of your top goals. Utilizing accessibility in web design should help boost the number of people who engage with your content. It makes it easier for individuals with disabilities to consume information on your site. These disabilities might include: […]

Rhetorical Devices: Conveying, Persuading, and Evoking Meanings and Emotions

Scholars use rhetorical devices in speeches and writings to convey the facts and evoke a well-grounded response from their listeners or readers. After the development of the major rhetorical devices, including ethos, logos, kairos, and pathos, some other methods have been created from Ancient Greece times. According to these persuasive techniques, rhetoric is considered as […]

8 Proven Enterprise SEO Strategies for Your Business That Works

SEO has changed a lot over the past few years. Considering the development of algorithms, along with the initiation of machine learning, SEO is now more difficult to master.  Here we have enlisted six enterprise SEO techniques and strategies that work. Keywords in Striking Distance Choosing keywords ranking in striking distance, that is, keywords that […]

Technology & Skills for Entrepreneurship

You’ve had the business idea of the century. Congratulations. All that remains is the slight snag of getting your business off the ground and making a success of things. Hmm. You might want to make some strong coffee.  Having a business idea and implementing it are two separate things. One of the stumbling blocks that […]

What Does It Take For A Programmer To Get Into Managerial Level

Creating line after line of code and seeing it all turn into software capable of doing so much has to be one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a programmer. As a programmer, you are the producer. And like every profession, on the other end of the spectrum are leaders, that is the management. […]