What your Work Glasses say About you

Choosing glasses to wear at work is something we all think we can do in our lunch hour. It’s simple enough, right? We’re not looking to strut the catwalks of Paris and Milan. We just need work glasses. Something to help us see clearly from 9 to 5. Then, when we start to browse our […]

How Entrepreneurs Can Achieve a Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle

The life of an entrepreneur can be stressful, to say the least. Indeed, business leaders often spend an inordinate amount of their time focused on their professional responsibilities. And while some people obviously value their career, it is important to attain a healthy balance between professional goals and personal needs. Burning yourself out to earn […]

5 Pension Tips for Millennials

When you are in your 20s and 30s retirement seems well, more years ahead than you can think. However, the earlier you start with your pension contributions the more scope for long-term appreciation. In turn, you could leave yourself with a fairly large pension fund on retirement. We will now take a look at five […]

How to Transition from Entrepreneur to Corporate Employee

Running a business is hard. Whether you are a solopreneur or leading a team, it takes passion, stamina, and drive to start your own company. At some point, transferring those business skills to the corporate world starts to look appealing. There’s no doubt that entrepreneurship has a lot of positives. But sometimes, it’s no longer […]

5 Ways That a Vehicle Accident Can Impact Your Lifestyle

When people talk about the term “lifestyle,” what they’re talking about is how you live. That probably involves the sort of things that you can afford to buy or the vacations that you can take. It might also include the work you do, or your hobbies and other interests. If you’re in a car accident, […]