4 Pillars for an Extraordinary Life

Students are made to memorize history books, when they should be taught about the taxes. The science textbooks aren’t even revised frequently and don’t cover the latest inventions and discoveries. Students are clueless about the practicality of the formulas they are bluntly made to memorize in high school. With the world developing so fast in […]

The Best Ways to Relax on Your Lunch Break

During your working day, you will be used to the hour-long lunch break you have in the middle. This is a time where you need to regain your energy and relax properly before the busy nature of the day starts up again. Sometimes, relaxing can be difficult, especially when you have a lot of pressures […]

Top 5 Romantic Ways to Propose

Once you’ve chosen the one you want to spend your life with, most people move on to purchase the ring.  You may have ideas about what ring she’d like best, or it may be a complete surprise.  Purchasing an engagement ring can be overwhelming, with options that range from the classic round engagement ring ( […]

Getting Hospitable – How Hospitality Supplies Shape the Culinary Experience

Working in hospitality affords you the luxury of seeing, tasting, and delivering the best of the best. But when we’re so engrossed in the daily operations, it is important to take a step back and see the experience through the customer’s eyes. For so many businesses, not keeping up with latest supplies is a missed […]

8 Ways to Start Your Morning in A Positive Way

“Waking up and remembering the million things you have to do, and the billion things you forgot to do, just makes you want to crawl back into bed and call in sick.” Sounds familiar? Knowing that we overslept, hearing that annoying alarm buzzing continuously or feeling moody in the morning can really ruin our day. […]