Tips for Dressing like a Gent, Ft. Beckett Simonon

It doesn’t matter if you are a leader in your company or industry. What does count, however, is that you dress like one. As one-sided as it sounds, people will often judge you by the clothes you wear, the accessories you don, and the way you style yourself. So, within a split second, they will […]

Work Until You Drop: Working Long-hours Is Killing Us

Source-Pixabay For most people, working a full-time job is something they do without much thought. While having a job is important, overworking can cause serious mental and physical health problems. In a recent study, researchers found that over 85 percent of men and 45 percent of women in the United States work more than 40 […]

Things People Regret the Most When They Are Old

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both.” In Robert Frost’s poem ‘The road not taken’, he has beautifully depicted how we have to make so many choices in life. Some choices are easy to make, and we will always be proud of our decision. Then there are the […]

Finding You Beyond You

Life is busy. There’s always so much to do in such little time. As we grow older, we learn the one core mantra – “Prioritize”! Work comes first as we slog day in and day out to earn enough to feed our dreams! Then comes family; time to be spent, birthdays to be celebrated, vacations […]

5 Tech Tips for Traveling Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur’s life is never dull. Whether you are starting your business, expanding or building to something bigger, you are likely on the road a lot. The airport is filled with busy entrepreneurs going from meeting to trade show to conference and back again. It’s important when you are traveling a lot to have the […]