5 Reasons Most Startups Fail

Most new companies go out of business in the first few years. This sad but true fact has been widely examined in the past, and recent studies confirm that the situation has not changed for better. While there can be numerous reasons why startups don’t get past their first year and why established businesses go […]

The Startup Shakes – How to Handle the Common Concerns of Starting a Business

Taking the plunge and moving forward with a business idea takes courage and determination. The first few years of a new business are usually the most vulnerable. Despite the risk, active businesses continue to increase for the fourth consecutive year in Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This is encouraging for anyone looking […]

Here’s What it Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Do you dream of becoming your own boss one day? In a world where technology has made it possible for the “average Joe” to launch a startup, you would think it’d be easy to accomplish. In fact, there are more than half a million businesses started every month in the United States. Unfortunately, however, only […]

How to Fund Your Startup Without Bankrupting Your Life

If you’ve ever worked at a startup business, you know they face several challenges. Perhaps the biggest is getting enough funding for your startup to thrive without putting your personal finances at risk. Luckily, you can take several steps to fund your startup without taking too much money out of your own pocket. Know Where […]

3 Common Mistakes Startups Make When Selling Their Business

You’ve just read another news story about an average guy with a great business idea who just sold his business for millions of dollars and you cannot wait until your big payday arrives! Just take a deep breath and realize that your “big payday” will only arrive if you properly plan and avoid common mistakes […]