How To Pitch Your Start-Up With A Perfect Presentation

Being a startup founder is an exciting opportunity, but the road to success can be rocky. There are many challenges to face as you grow your idea into a booming business.  Securing enough capital to get off the ground and build an independent company is the first and most critical challenge that any startup founder […]

5 Upcoming Tech Entrepreneurs, You Must Follow in 2020

Are you struggling to stay motivated and inspired while running a small business? 2020 is estimated to be the best year so far for small business owners and freelancers. With the advancement of the internet and mobile technology, marketing has become easy as pie. You don’t need to hire sales reps or marketing professionals with […]

How Entrepreneurs Can Deal With Anxiety

Entrepreneurship is hard. Most people can’t handle the stress and anxiety associated with starting a new business. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs come from the safe feeling of a steady job and paycheck, to an environment where earnings go up and down unpredictably. It’s enough to make anyone reach a breaking point. This can result in mental health […]

Rustam Gilfanov: “The main asset of a Startup is its Team”

Investors often pay attention to small startups with well-organized, competent teams. The focus is shifting from an idea to a smart team with strong competencies. IT businessman and investor Rustam Gilfanov talks about the principles of a successful startup team. Flexibility and Relationship Skills A startup involves creating a new product — something that has […]

6 Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur In Germany

For many people, being an entrepreneur is the ultimate career goal. The constant hustle, the idea of being your own boss, and the freedom to make all business decisions are benefits that appeal to all budding entrepreneurs. Regardless of your business’s size, you can easily become an entrepreneur with the right mindset and a nurturing […]