Best Technology for Working Remotely

Remote working is the truth of today, and it’s clearly growing every day. Technology has made the shift from working in a traditional office to work remotely easier than ever before. Let’s take a brief insight into 5 best technology for working remotely: 1. Mobile Tools  Remote workers still need their access to most of […]

European Start-Ups most likely to IPO next

The idea of starting a business and growing it is not one that has been welcomed this year. Many people have lost their livelihoods around the world due to current health trends and so are attempting to find something new to tide them over. However, despite the issues, there are some excellent new businesses that […]

A Startup’s Guide to Outsmarting Its Competition

It’s not unusual for a new startup to face steep competition from large, well-established brands. You may be strapped for cash, have limited business contacts and compete with businesses that can outspend and out-network your company. To stay afloat when breaking into a new market, you must make full use of the resources at your […]

Why Your Small Start-Up Business Needs a High Quality Website

As an entrepreneur, there’s no doubt that you have high hopes for your small business. Sure, it may be small now, but ideally you want it to grow over time, build a loyal customer base, and create demand for your products/services. While there are a number of essential steps you’ll need to take as an […]

Home Based Business this Lockdown

Lockdown and the pandemic have had a drastic effect on the lives of individuals. Being confined to one space, and having to interact and for something to do it becomes quite hard and painful. Students who have just graduated, and were all ready to enter the job market have to put their plans on hold. […]