Phishing Can Cripple A Startup: Reducing Risks And The Damage A Phishing Attack Can Cause

Startups seems to be popping up all over as it is easier than ever to start a business online. Plenty of startups are located in a person’s home during its infancy or permanently if the company has remote workers. Remote workers and in-house workers present the same challenges as some do not keep cybersecurity as […]

How To Write A Corporate Travel Policy For Your Startup Team

When startups incorporate travel into their operations, they succeed in building their businesses. Travel offers the opportunity to experience new places, people and products. Before startup teams can start attending promotional events like conferences and trade shows, they need to implement corporate travel policies. With a detailed policy in place, entrepreneurs can easily manage expenses […]

How PropTech Startups are Attracting the Biggest Venture Capitalists

The PropTech revolution is in full swing, and today, there’s ever growing excitement around the sector. PropTech investment has skyrocketed over the past few years, and venture capitalists are climbing over each other to get involved with the next big thing. Perhaps it’s unsurprising given the relatively untapped potential of a vast global real estate […]

How to Use Technology to Get Your Startup Off the Ground

Technology today offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses in order to make tasks such as marketing and team management easier and hassle-free. But, with so many different tech tools out there today, coupled with the fact that technology is advancing at an extremely rapid rate, it can be difficult for new entrepreneurs to […]

Industries That Need Video Content

Video content has been used heavily in the corporate world; especially by newer players like SaaS companies and startups in the tech industry. This is understandable as most of the players in those fields have to communicate complex and novel ideas to their market on a regular basis. But are there other industries where video […]