Top Tech Start-Up Ideas

It is a struggle to develop a business idea, let alone a successful and profitable idea. The struggle is real. That does not mean we give up or do not push ourselves to build a business. Ever wonder what would happen if the founders of Apple or Microsoft or any other such super successful tech […]

6 Ingenious Fundraising Ideas to Kickstart Your Own Business

Embarking on the journey of having a start-up of your own can be a long and usually very daunting process — especially if it is your first time in the market. So many things have to be looked after — a suitable niche, a proper, scalable business model, long and short-term plans, sustainable growth factors, […]

Startup Finance: What You Need to Know

If you’ve got a great idea for a new business, there’s no doubt you’ll be eager to launch your startup quickly. However, securing funding is a critical element of starting a business. You may need to purchase equipment, secure premises, hire staff or buy goods from suppliers, for example, and you’ll need funding in place […]

Why You Should Consider a Remote-First Setup for Your Startup in 2021

Remote work has become the norm for a lot of people due to the recent pandemic. Many employees and companies have enjoyed the benefits of remote work. People everywhere learned that remote employment not only works, but it can even be considered an improvement. Why should you start with a remote-first environment? Photo by bantersnaps […]

Things to Consider When Starting a Business

There are plenty of tips out there for starting your business, and some of them are actually contradictory. “Go ahead and take the leap!” says one while another advises, “You need to carefully plan everything before you start.” Once the business is underway, one article might continue to argue for a more risk-taking approach while […]