Startup Life: Essential Safeguards that All Entrepreneurs Should Have

In the world of business, there are thinkers, and then there are those who think way outside the box. An entrepreneur is one who sees possibilities and solutions where others can barely see beyond convention.  Entrepreneurs are those who shape our world. These are the bright men and women who change the way we think, […]

5 Benefits of Equity Capital for Your Startup

About 90% of startups fail in their first year of operation. One of the key reasons behind this massive failure is the lack of sufficient capital. Your business can get capital from many sources. One of these is equity financing. This is where an investor offers funds in exchange for shares or ownership of the […]

Marketing Strategies to Help Build Your Startup

If you’ve decided to go after your self-employment dream this year, you’ve likely fixated on the early elements needed to launch a venture. For example, you may have focused on what type of business to set up, devising a cool name, researching the market, sourcing supplies, finding staff members, and more.  However, don’t forget that […]

Top Benefits of Working in Coworking Communities

Remote and flexible work is becoming increasingly common as technology advances and companies modernize their way of working. This new workday model has breathed life into the concept of shared working spaces that are taking the corporate world by storm. Photo from Coworking Insights Coworking spaces and communities are not only a realm for freelancers […]

6 Ways To Make Your Startup More Energy-Efficient

Running a startup business can be expensive at first, especially that you need to invest in plenty of things. Apart from experimenting with how your product would be in the market, you also need extra space to work on your magic. With that, expect that it’ll be an added expense, which may decrease the money […]