5 Tips to Acquire Financial Assistance for Launching Your Startup

Online lending platforms make the most of technologies that interrupt conventional lending. These platforms form a crucial segment of the firm and fast financial technology sector. Being a small business owner, you may consider securing funds through some internet provider and avoid your local banking partner, who may have turned your offer down already. Does […]

4 Best Legal Pieces of Advice For Startups

Are you a tech-savvy & adroit entrepreneur with a worthy idea ready to launch your inspirational startup? While setting up your own brand new business from scratch is certainly an uphill task, what’s more challenging are the ensuing legal matters that must be on your radar during the planning phase. It makes management easier if […]

Networking Tips from Top CEOs

We’re often led to believe that success is the outcome of hard work, planning, strategy, positive attitude and all the other pop culture notions. In the real world however, your success largely depends on your relationships with people and your business networking skills. Sounds surprising? Not if you see from the perspective of top CEOs […]

How to Know You’ve Hired the Right Person

Good hire or bad hire? You’ve done the hard work, you’ve made the decision and your shiny new hire has finally joined the team. Great, now what? So much is written about how to hire great people and what to look for when hiring. But that is merely the start of the journey. After the […]

Entrepreneurs: 5 Things About VCs That You Won’t Learn from Watching Shark Tank

Let’s start with this: ABC’s Shark Tank is a fantastic show, and there are some moments of real drama that mirror what actually happens across the world in corporate boardrooms each day. For example, if you don’t have a realistic valuation or a feasible business plan, then prepare to get shredded — presuming, of course, […]