17 Best Apps With Paypal Games That Pay Real Money Instantly

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The internet is filled with all kinds of crazy stuff. The best part about it is that some of this stuff pays you for doing nothing but simply having fun, like playing online games, downloading some new apps and trying them out, or merely completing surveys.

In this article, we will talk about how you can earn money online just by playing some of the best games!

17 Apps That Pay Instantly To PayPal For Playing Games 

Here are a few of the online games that pay money by playing to PayPal Instantly:


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It is a beautiful free application that allows you to earn money in several ways is MyPoints.

MyPoints’ significant advantages come from taking advantage of it to gain cashback on your online purchases. However, you can combine this with getting paid to play PayPal games for real money, making even more money.

You may see some of the games available in the picture above. As you can see, some of them are the games you’d probably like to play, only now you can also get paid for them!

With MyPoints, you can also make money by streaming movies, taking surveys, and reading emails.

Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers
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Toluna Influencers is a highly known site that pays people to complete surveys. It is one of the most-paying sites online. Only a few individuals are aware that Toluna may be used to earn some extra money through PayPal by playing online games.

Toluna’s games are fantastic since they frequently release new versions, ensuring that you always have a diverse selection of new games to keep you occupied. They’re also great if you’ve had enough Solitaire and other standard card games.

It may not have a great number of options as most of the other apps on our list, but the games that are available won’t let you down.


FusionCash is another free app with several excellent money-making alternatives. Watching movies is one of the great ways to do it, and it also offers a superb selection of games.

The games are comparable to others included in this article’s other gaming applications that pay using PayPal. Nonetheless, it’s worth downloading this app for a few options to see which one produces the most for your favorite game.

It’s worth noting that FusionCash offers various ways to earn money, including so-called “pay to click” chores. This implies that if you’re searching for a method to supplement your income while doing something you enjoy,


Dabbl is a terrific option for anyone looking to earn some extra money online by playing online games. For starters, it’s among the few apps that are exclusively focused on paying you for playing online games.

There’s a particular focus on quiz-like games, which is a significant benefit if you love bar quizzes.

Another benefit of Dabbl is that cashing out is merely $5, so if you’re looking for games that will pay you instantly on PayPal, this is one of your best options.


Swagbucks is one of the most excellent options for individuals who want to get paid real money by playing games. Its members have received over $530 million in payouts to establish that you can surely make money here.

It features a wide variety of games that you can try to play to make money, but several additional options are also available. Completing surveys, receiving cashback on purchases, and simply surfing the internet are all options.


Quick Rewards is primarily focused on paying users for completing surveys, but you may make money in various ways, including by playing games. They claim to provide over 50 different opportunities for people in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to receive prizes online.

The one-cent minimum payment is nearly unbeatable. However, it’s worth considering why it’s so low. For instance, there are internet complaints about Quick Rewards from customers who, for whatever reason, we cannot receive money from the website even after completing half of their online survey or game. However, you may certainly give it a go.


In many respects, InboxDollars is similar to Swagbucks because it offers a decent mix of great methods to earn money.

Its polls and videos are the most lucrative, with each one paying up to $1.50. It does, however, provide a large number of games that you would get paid to play.

More traditional arcade games, such as card and word games, are included. You can also participate in their “World Winner games,” which have cash tournaments for games like Poker, Wheel of Fortune, and casino games with great cash rewards.

Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards
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Daily Rewards is the Canadian equivalent of InboxDollars, so it’s ideal if you’re not in the United States but still want to make money by playing games through PayPal.

It doesn’t nearly offer the same possibilities as InboxDollars, but it comes close, and there are plenty of ways to make money here.

This includes the fact that you may earn money outside gaming, such as by participating in surveys, viewing movies, or taking advantage of online discounts.


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Daily Rewards and InboxDollars are both by the same parent firm. However, InboxPounds is just for people in the United Kingdom, as the name suggests.

This means you may earn money in the same ways as before, including playing real-money PayPal games. It does seem to place a greater emphasis on being paid to complete surveys. It’s one of the few applications where you can complete surveys for cash, which means they’ll send you checks!

However, there are some gaming alternatives accessible as well. While it doesn’t feature as many games as InboxDollars or even Daily Rewards, it’s a good alternative if you live in the UK and don’t have access to the other apps.



Drop is a profit software that provides you with opportunities to receive rewards. Because you’ll be shopping from those specific companies, this is a good alternative if you want to obtain gift cards without completing any offers.

By sharing details of your credit card to Drop and purchasing meals from Postmates, flights from Expedia, or mostly anything else, you may earn points. When you achieve $25 in points, it will get converted into gift cards.

You may also utilize the app to play games in order to meet the minimum cashout requirement faster. Choose a game from the application area, which lists all accessible games.


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Mistplay is a game testing application for game developers. You will be given a selection of games to choose from, which you can download and play anytime you want to make money. Developers of this app will be able to track how much customers appreciate their goods at the same time.

This app, unlike the bulk of the others on this list, is only for people who wish to make money by playing games. The money that you earn is based on the time that you spend playing a game and the level you reach.

Long Game

Long Game
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Long Game is a unique platform in that it combines earning money with gaming.

After you’ve set up a savings account using the app, you’ll be able to play a variety of games to earn rewards that will be transferred into your account.

The more you save in this account, the more substantial the advantages you’ll gain, allowing you to convert it into a small-scale passive income app. This might be linked to other saving strategies, such as putting up direct savings buckets.

These aren’t games that pay out to PayPal right away, but they do pay out to your account right away.


Givling is a trivia game in which you may earn money by answering questions correctly.

One method to earn this is to participate in one of Givling’s trivia rounds, which may be done up to twice a day. Your group will answer true or false questions as part of a three-person team, and if you have the best score at the end of the overall round, you will split the cash prize.

You may earn points by playing other games on your own. Advertisements bring in money, which is divided among the gamers to help them pay off their college loans and mortgages.


cash app
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CashOut, like similar applications, allows you to earn money by completing surveys or installing apps.

It does, however, provide a wide variety of games in which you may earn money. In reality, while there aren’t as many games here as there are in some of the other applications, it does have several unique games besides the ordinary Solitaire and Snake selections.

You won’t be able to make a fortune here, but according to some reviews, getting paid takes only two to three days which, for these applications, is as near as getting paid instantly to your PayPal account.


AppNana is a platform that rewards you for playing games you may already be familiar with. With options like Angry Birds and Minecraft, this is a wonderful example of getting paid to do something that doesn’t need extra effort.

Be aware that not all of the app’s reviews are positive, with some users saying that it takes a long time to gain enough points to be helpful. Many games, on the other hand, pay almost instantly to PayPal, with money coming within 48 hours of redemption if the minimum cash-out amount is met.

CashPirate Buzz

It’s wonderful to learn about the fantastic gaming options offered at CashPirate Buzz.

There are many different types of games to pick from, as you can see in the image above, whether you love card games like Solitaire or strategy games like Age of Legends. You may earn money by coloring in an online coloring book as well as playing games with PayPal.

However, the earnings aren’t quite as striking since accumulating enough points to payout may take a long time. However, you may be paid as low as $2.50 to your PayPal account, which is highly feasible.


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Lucktastic is one of the few games that will pay you instantly via PayPal.

It’s basically like being given digital scratch cards if you can virtually scratch off a reward, just like a genuine scratch card! This means it’s a fun way to bet without risking your cash. It can also be hit-or-miss as to whether or not you win anything.

There is the rare person who claims to have won thousands of dollars and is even a billionaire, yet there are many more who are lucky to win anything at all.

What games give you PayPal money?

As a result, based on the information mentioned above, we would propose the following gaming applications for being paid quickly:

  • Swagbucks
  • MyPoints
  • InboxDollars (or InboxPounds if you’re in the UK, or Daily Rewards if you’re in Canada) is used by InboxDollars.
  • Toluna

Most of them also pay you to complete surveys. You may also use these apps to collect cashback on in-store and online purchases.

What Game Apps Pay You Instantly?

While you can get paid to your PayPal account with real-money games, it’s important to remember that you won’t be earning hundreds of dollars through these applications. While some allow you to make PayPal money fast, other alternatives are to earn more considerable sums if you need money.

Wrapping Up

We hope you liked the information mentioned above about online games and survey sites that would instantly pay you by playing games!

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