Top Devices of 2016


Although we’re just a quarter of the way into the year, the world’s top tech companies have already been showing considerable innovation in their bid to increase market share in the highly competitive marketplace.

With an impressive array of new smartphones, online roulette gaming devices and even virtual reality innovations, here are the devices that look to be making big waves throughout 2016.

Smartphone excellence

The biggest hitter so far in 2016 is undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy S7. Since its unveiling earlier this year, the device has already significantly boosted Samsung’s revenues thanks to its incredible processing power, ultra-precise OLED display and improved battery life.

Despite the relatively underwhelming response to Apple’s compact iPhone SE, there are no signs that Apple are losing their grip of the market. This is because September is expected to see the launch of the hugely anticipated iPhone 7 that remains shrouded in mystery, but is rumoured to be the first of the iconic devices to be released without a headphone jack.

Virtual futures

The concept of virtual reality has been with us for a long time. But it looks like 2016 will be the year that VR goes mainstream with several big names already jostling for position in this fledgling market. The demand for the hugely hyped Oculus Rift and HTC Vive has already caught their manufacturers unaware, and Sony’s PlayStation VR project is expected to deliver a new gaming universe upon its release in October.

A big part of the PlayStation VR’s success will depend upon how it manages to overcome issues of latency to provide an authentic gaming experience. Already there’s been some amazingly realistic sporting simulations such as FIFA 16, as well as the rise of popular online gaming websites such as Lucky Nugget Casino who enable you to put your roulette skills to the test via their range of casino game simulations, and if Sony wish to succeed in 2016 they’ll have to counter these impressively authentic gaming advances.

Nintendo’s renaissance

The online gaming revolution has also brought back a familiar favourite with Nintendo recently unveiling their first mobile game – Miitomo. This interesting blending of social media and gaming is a sign that Nintendo are finally willing to enter this lucrative domain with renewed vigour after initial scepticism about the mobile gaming realm.

But it’s the ultra-mysterious Nintendo Nx console that’s rumoured to land later this year that’s really exciting gaming fans. So far there’s few clues as to what we can expect from the device, but with Nintendo Insider stating that Nx can stream at 4K, it’s another indication that whether we’re playing online roulette or heading out into virtual reality universes, our gaming futures will certainly become a lot more immersive in 2016.

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