Strike- off or Liquidation – Which Option is Best for my Company

Strike-off and liquidation are two options through which directors can close their company. However, if you’re a director looking to close your company’s doors for the last time, your choices will depend on that company’s circumstances, including its solvent position. Closing by striking off the company In the UK, company directors can close their company […] – Review

Selecting a broker can pose a formidable challenge, especially for those venturing into the financial markets for the first time. Numerous considerations come into play, including trading platforms, tools, fees, and customer support. A thorough examination of review  can serve as a valuable informational resource for individuals seeking to make well-informed decisions. OneTouchInvest stands […]

Marketing Lessons from the Poker and Casino Industry

There are few industries that can rival the success of the online poker and casino ones in the modern day. They are essentially a license to print money at this point and almost everyone involved in them is making serious cash. The evidence of that is annual revenue of around $70 billion and the reason […]

How Do Medical Loans Work?

Navigating the comple­xities of healthcare expenses, health insurance­ coverage, and unexpe­cted medical bills has led to the rise of a crucial financial tool called medical loans. Ofte­n referred to as healthcare loans or personal medical loans; these loans act as a bridge between the urgent need for medical attention and the potential financial strain that […]

Understanding the Different Types of Equipment Loan Agreements

Equipment loan agreements are a key part of the business landscape, providing the necessary capital for businesses to purchase and maintain the equipment they require to run their operations smoothly. But with a range of different agreement types available, it’s important for both businesses and lenders to have a clear understanding of the advantages and […]