Get Renewed with the IRS Fresh Start Initiative

For many taxpayers who owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, it is hard to settle tax debt. The added expenses and penalties associated with being unable to pay off a large sum of debt at one time complicate matters and can overwhelm taxpayers. However, the IRS established the Fresh Start Initiative, which is […]

Reasons Why the Electricity Bill is higher during the Winter

Have you ever wondered why you pay more for your electricity bill during the winter? This tendency has been observable for many years. While in summer, your bill is quite tolerable, in winter the price of your electricity may make your head spin. It’s enough to take a look at texas electricity ratings to notice […]

Red Flags to Look Out for When Getting a Loan

On the radio and TV you probably hear and see a number of advertisements about payday and second-tier lenders who promise that they can get you an easy loan fast. There are also others who advertise that they can consolidate your existing loans, do repairs, and even improve your credit score. But is what they […]

Can University Students Get Credit Cards?

Credit cards are a very convenient method for payment in today’s world. These days the ease that a credit card provides you with is incomparable to using cash. Ever since their introduction in the 20th century, credit cards have been rising in popularity.  University students, in particular, can benefit from having credit cards. With their […]

3 Things to consider before Buying a Period Property

Period properties bring charm and elegance that cannot be easily replicated. High ceilings and ornate cornices provide breath-taking character and features that many people dream of having in their home.  They usually don’t come without some drawbacks, however. Here are 3 things to consider before buying a period property. Are there any hidden issues? Whilst […]