How to Get Approved for a Loan With a Bad Credit Score

A credit score is required to get a payday loan. A payday loan is a convenient way to acquire the necessary sum of money for beneficial purposes. It includes replenishing a bank card in case of a lack of funds. If you need to improve your credit score, there are some basic steps. It means […]

Savings & Budgeting Tips From A Bankruptcy Trustee

Living on a budget is often seen as a bad thing. People wrongly believe that only those who struggle to make ends meet save money and live on a budget, when in fact budgeting represents the foundation of every financial plan.  Simply put, budgeting means finding the best way to distribute the money you make […]

How to Save those Dollar Bills

We all have felt that we need to save money, save money for various reasons like repaying your student loan, or buy something that you need more than anything or saving for an emergency. Saving money is hard, we keep repeating to ourselves that we will start saving, and that day never comes, we keep […]

New Solar Air Conditioning System could cut Energy use by 50%

Air conditioning consumes a lot of energy. However, with the advent of solar air conditioning systems, this use could go down by up to 50%. This new technology is different from the usual Vapor compression system. (VC) It is not only safe for the environment but also cost-effective.  How Does this Solar Air Conditioning System […]

Fund Ourselves Targets Gap in Short-Term Lending Market

Nadeem Siam, a London-based entrepreneur, has launched a start-up targeted at a gap in the short-term lending market. Fund Ourselves offers a platform that utilises peer-to-peer lending to offer a win-win situation for borrowers and their lenders – with low-rate loans and returns for investors of 5% – 15%. Through this innovative start-up, Siam strives […]