Common Ways We All Waste Money – And How to Break the Cycle

Have you ever sat down at the end of the month to review your budget only to find that you spent way more than you should have with nothing to show for it? Maybe you are in debt, or you simply spend too much. In the first case, it might be worth considering some of […]

7 Tax-Related Questions Regarding Charitable Donations: Can You Reduce Your Taxes by Making a Donation?

The constant changes to the tax code are enough to make people’s heads spin. It is confusing to keep track of what can be deducted and what cannot, especially when it comes to charitable donations. Fortunately, friendly and helpful tax attorneys are available to answer questions, so you know where you stand with your charitable […]

Applying for Auto Loans in a Global Pandemic

The global pandemic has exacerbated pressures on individuals trying to keep up with their auto loan payments. With millions of people out of work around the world, payments-related concerns are being brought to bear. Despite countries gradually opening up their economies to commercial activity, the damage is already done. Consumer buying power has suffered immeasurably […]

Recognize When You Have Too Much Debt

Being in debt is a pretty common experience. Most individuals carry some kind of debt. The average credit card balance is now $6,200, and the companies providing this money have on average boosted borrowing limits by 20% over the past ten years. Add in student loans, mortgages, car loans, and other types of borrowing, and […]

Will Earning A Higher Salary Make You Happier?

As humans, we naturally strive to do better in life to achieve higher-paid roles. With families to provide for, mortgages to pay and bills constantly climbing, we all believe we could do with more in our paychecks. This is why so many people push themselves in their professional life. From putting in extra hours, taking […]