3 Ways to Minimize Cost of High-Ranking Recruiting

Every company has open positions that must be filled on a continual basis. Whether you are expanding and creating new roles or dealing with routine turnover, it is important that you find candidates who are committed to your company and qualified to do the job at hand. All of this pressure means that recruiting is […]

The History of Money – from Shells to Bitcoin

Money makes the world spin, and for centuries it has been fundamentally unchanged, but in different forms. They have always represented power, but have always been represented – shells, gold, coins, checks, gold-based banknotes, trustworthy banknotes, and now in Bitcoin. You can read this to find out all about it. In fact, the amount of […]

5 Benefits to using Bitcoin Trader

As the crypto market gets more sophisticated, automated trading is becoming more commonplace. Unfortunately, most of the trading robots sold online don’t deliver on what they promise. Many are programmed with flawed strategies that only lead to massive losses. However, there are a few gems among them, and one of them is bitcoin trader, a […]

5 Tips for using Software for Trading Bitcoin

Money has undergone significant evolution; from commodity cash to gold coins, paper and plastic versions. Money seems to adapt to the dynamic needs of the market. In 2009, the world was introduced to a never seen before kind of currency; the Bitcoin. Over time, this crypto-currency soared in popularity and took over the international payment […]

How to Manage Overhead Expenses and Emergencies in a Home Business

Working from home is a dream come true for many people. However, the freedom that comes from being your own boss and rolling up to the laptop in your underwear doesn’t extend as far as you might thing. Any business has to grapple with overhead expenses and reconcile these costs of doing business. Managing your […]