8 Startup Cost Saving Hacks For New Landscaping Companies

Make Use Of Free Online Marketing Tools Due to the advent of the Internet, there are a multitude of new and inexpensive ways to market your new landscaping company. Some of these are very simple, and they consist of things like going on Google Business and setting up a page, which will allow people who […]

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies for Online Sports Betting

Bitcoin has lost 40% of its value since the start of 2018 and it is reeling from its worst ever Q1 performance. Rival cryptocurrencies have suffered a similar fate amid regulatory fears, investor sell-offs and panic in the markets, leading to plenty of negative coverage following the highs of 2017. But in recent weeks the […]

The Real Impact of Various ULIP Charges on your Investments – Compared to MFs

ULIPs are insurance products that offer both investment and insurance feature under a single integrated plan. In a ULIP plan, a small portion of your premium goes towards the insurance cover,and the rest, you invest in a fund of your choice (which is managed by a fund manager). Moreover, ULIPs allow you to make use […]

Do You Need to Update Your Address With the IRS? Why?

The short answer is yes. Updating your address with the IRS ensures that you receive all important communication. Tax mistakes happen. If you owe money and the IRS has no valid address to send correspondence to you, you’ll likely end up owing fines on top of the taxes. Even if you never owe the IRS […]

The Law of Lateness – Why Paying Your Employees On Time is Vital to Your Success

It’s imperative for companies to think longer and harder about employee satisfaction. Technology allows businesses to be much more efficient and comprehensive when it comes to taking care of employees. Employees shouldn’t be treated as extensions of their boss, or the company, but as valued individuals who make the company what it is. Depending on […]