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How To Start A Blog In 2019 – A Detailed Guide

If you wish to start your own blog, then 2019 is definitely a good time. More people now spend their time online than ever before, creating multiple opportunities for you to grow and increase the reader base of your blog. People usually start a blog for a variety of reasons, most of which include the following: […]

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Business plan

How to Reduce Risk When Starting a New Business

Everything you do in life has risks. However, some activities are riskier than others. For example, starting a business comes with extreme risk – especially as only half of all businesses survive their first five years. But this doesn’t mean that your business is doomed to failure is the are several things you can do to reduce risk when starting a new business. These tips are meant to give you … [...]

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Desktop accounting

Cloud versus Desktop Accounting: Which is Better for your Business?

In the past few years, there’s been a steadily-growing trend to move as many business functions to the cloud because it reduces infrastructure costs and increases operational agility. While this tendency is certainly based on very realistic advantages of the new method, it still makes sense to question whether some specific functions such as accounting should be trusted within the cloud. There are many factors to … [...]

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business loans

Why Do Entrepreneurs Love Small Business Loans?

Are you looking to boost your small business? Do you want to thrive in the entrepreneurial world? A small business loan can help with both these things if used properly.  Small business loans are … [Read More...]


Software Must-Haves for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Experts all agree: the 21st century has totally changed the face of entrepreneurship. With that change comes new challenges that it’s important to face, like choosing the right software to power your … [Read More...]


The Most Volatile and Lucrative Commodities in 2019

There’s no doubt about it; the commodities market took a bit of a battering in 2018, as the value of commodities such as oil, copper, iron ore and sugar plunged. These prices fell amid a myriad of … [Read More...]

decrease business productivity

8 Irritating Things About Your Website That Can Drive Visitors Away

Every website owner wants to attract as many visitors to their website as possible. To this effect, various SEO techniques will be implemented on the website. But, despite the best of intentions, it … [Read More...]

USDA business loans

5 Things to Know about Taking out a Loan in Another Country

When getting a loan, most people prefer lending services in their home country. However, what they do not know is that you can sometimes receive convenient loans from abroad. Such loans can go a long … [Read More...]