6 Simple Ways to Bring in More Customers

When you are running a business, customer acquisition is always a primary concern because it is your customers that keep your business running. Finding ways to increase your customer base for as minimal of an investment as you will enable you to thrive. 1. Create a strategy for customer acquisition. Like any goal, you need […]

Eight Ways to Improve your Interview Process

Developing an effective interview technique is not something that will happen overnight. It requires preparation and practice to be able to grow your teams. Without a crystal ball to help you see how every appointment could turn out, you need to learn how to properly interview individuals to bring out the best in them. In […]

Making Life easier with Keyboard Applications

How many times have you tried to register for something, or typed in a long wifi password, only to get an error message. There are few things less frustrating than having to retype those small and impossibly long codes, over and over again. What about those long and repetitive registration forms when booking an airline […]

Hiring During The Pandemic? Here Are A List Of Questions To Ask The Applicant During The Skype Interview

Even during a global pandemic, there has been quite a lot of dynamic activity in the field of hiring and recruitment. For instance, several companies let go of their workforce, while others have ramped up their hiring activities. The increase in hiring activities is particularly apparent in companies that provide essential services, eCommerce stores, and […]

6 Ways to Help Your Office Team Stay Healthy and Productive

Your office team’s productivity is essential to your company’s overall efficiency and performance. You can help staff to stay productive by encouraging safe working practices and promoting personal health. Here are six things that you can do to maintain a healthy and productive workforce. 1.Train Staff About Office Safety It may be helpful to address […]