8 Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Learning

As an entrepreneur, you’re not interested in a degree, just to put it on your wall and name drop when applying for a job. You’re focused on the practical knowledge and skills you get through online education. So while the less motivated are skating by, you’re paying attention, so you actually retain and apply the […]

How To Add KPIs and Achievements to Your Resume

A winning resume is more than just a piece of paper documenting your work experience.It’s a sales presentation, only that the product being sold is yourself.  Your resume is meant to show your value and potential to prospective employers. It should not only stand out to recruiters, but it should convince them that you’ll perform […]

8 Ways on How to Make $50 a Day (or $1,500/Month)

$50 may not sound like a big amount of money to be earning every day, but don’t underestimate the power of passive income compounding. There are many ways in which you can put in minimal to no effort and still have a steady stream of income coming in every month.  Even if it’s just $50 […]

Best Apps for Office

What do you mean by Office Suites? When we travel back to 20 years in time, the meaning of office suites quite literally meant structures or buildings made of brick and mortar with cabins and rooms. People assembled to accomplish tasks in these offices, earn money, and hang out around the coffee machine for some […]

What You Need to Know About Starting A Side-Hustle Alongside Your Job

The amount of people with a side hustle alongside their day job is growing year on year, at present more than 57 million Americans, which is around 33 percent of the workforce, are operating some sort of side hustle or freelance work in their spare time. Having a side hustle has a great number of […]