Four ways to Advance yourself at Work

In this day and age where competition to reach the top is at a premium, you have to work very hard to stand out from the crowd and to earn promotions. For you, advancement might be about reaching the top of the corporate ladder, it could be about earning more, or it could be about […]

5 Common Communication Mistakes and How They Hurt Productivity

When it comes to running your business, productivity is the name of the game. Ideally, everyone would perform perfectly, on time, every time; but we don’t live in a perfect world. In fact, there are dozens of small things throughout the day that can affect productivity, but some of the rarely considered mistakes involve communication. […]

How to Write an Effective ‘About Us’ Page That Converts

Regardless of the industry you’re catering to, the About Us page is going to be one of your most important pages on the website. It will help explain to your potential customers how you started your business, what problem you’re aiming to fix with your products or services, and how you want to earn their […]

Tips for Creating the Best Consulting Resume

Preparing a glowing resume marks the first step in your career path as a consultant. It is furthermore one of the most critical steps in your preparation plan. Not only will your resume form part of the foundation of your career but will additionally be what determines your success in the first screening phase of […]

The Type of Résumé That Will Land Jobs

You graduate from high school and head off to the university that you worked so hard to get accepted into. After four to five years, that include countless hours of studying, exams, and interning, you graduate with your degree (in the major that took you two years to decide on). Hooray, you accomplished what you […]