Best Apps for Office

What do you mean by Office Suites? When we travel back to 20 years in time, the meaning of office suites quite literally meant structures or buildings made of brick and mortar with cabins and rooms. People assembled to accomplish tasks in these offices, earn money, and hang out around the coffee machine for some […]

What You Need to Know About Starting A Side-Hustle Alongside Your Job

The amount of people with a side hustle alongside their day job is growing year on year, at present more than 57 million Americans, which is around 33 percent of the workforce, are operating some sort of side hustle or freelance work in their spare time. Having a side hustle has a great number of […]

3 Tips for Successful Franchise Management

Did you know the one and two-year success rate for franchises is higher than that of independent businesses? According to the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, franchises are up to 8 percent more likely to succeed than businesses that follow the traditional model. If you already own a franchise or you’re looking to buy […]

Candy Worx Industrial Machinery and Services: Types of Equipment

Candies had been around since between the 6th and 4th century BCE. Ancient India (read more) was the first country to truly make candies by boiling sugarcanes into juices. Before the industrial revolution, candies were treated as medicine used to relieve sore throats. In the middle ages, only wealthy families could enjoy sweet treats.  But […]

Working from Home: How it has affected our Sleep

The pandemic brought on a new era of remote working for many businesses. Remote working raises a whole new set of challenges, and, for many of us, the biggest one is learning to separate home and work life. When working and sleeping in the same room, our sleeping pattern is more likely to be disrupted.  […]