11 Employee Recognition Quotes Every Leader Should Know

When talking about how important it is to show appreciation and gratitude to your employees and how it boosts morale and helps them work with more enthusiasm, I came across so many great quotes. So, here are some that I would like to share – quotes that show your appreciation and also why it matters. […]

Be Approachable: Stay Available to Win Over Your Employees

The communication gap is a huge issue in many workplaces. Employees often feel like they cannot reach their boss if they need to. This hesitation in reaching out often stems from the internal corporate hierarchy. This makes them feel uncomfortable, and they feel at different levels. If, as a boss, you take travel frequently and […]

How a Solopreneur’s Personal Credit Score Can Impact His Business

Although you should keep your personal and business credit separate, there are times when your score impacts your company. To run both areas of your life efficiently, you should strive to keep both scores as high as possible. Being a solopreneur means you run your business alone, and the sole responsibility falls on your shoulders. […]

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Nonprofits?

A nonprofit organization and a start-up may seem to have very little in common. That couldn’t be further from the truth.  That’s why a quick study of the way nonprofits stay afloat is a good way for entrepreneurs to find inspiration for their own businesses. Nonprofit Founders Have the Entrepreneurial Spirit If you ask around, […]

Restoring Relationships As An Entrepreneur

Life as an entrepreneur is far more strenuous than that of your 9-5 stable-job friends. You have multiple job roles and responsibilities, work hours that eat into the night, and risks that put everything at stake. All that keeps you going is the burning passion for your business idea and your dream for the heights […]