Interview with CEO, Chad Moldon

Tell me about yourself? My name is Chad Moldon, CEO of business incubation company, Inc. I studied at Western University in London, Ontario, between 1993 and 1996. My studies focused on business philosophy. I have spent nearly a decade with Inc. and have been proud to be a part of its growth. In […]

Navigating Troubled Waters: Crucial Steps your Maritime Accident Lawyer Wants you to take after a Marine Accident

The vastness of the open sea often invokes a sense of freedom and adventure. However, maritime accidents can happen, leading to challenging situations that require prompt and effective responses. Whether you’re a sailor, a passenger, or a crew member, knowing what to do after a maritime accident is crucial for your safety and the well-being […]

Toine Rodenburg: Interview at the Frontier of Cyberspace

Toine Rodenburg remembers when the Internet was an arcane new innovation based on dial-up technology and boxy Macintoshes. He began to imagine its possibilities in the early 90s, soon after earning degrees at an array of prestigious European universities, from the Moller Institute and the Katholieke Universiteit in Tilburg to the Universiteit van Amsterdam and […]

An Interview with Inventory Specialist, Frank Monte

Frank Monte is Head Buyer at Brands Gone Wild, where his primary responsibility is overseeing inventory procurement. He possesses a keen attention to detail and a deep understanding of marketing trends and customer preferences, enabling him to ensure a seamless alignment between the merchandise offered and the demands of the market. Under his leadership, Brands […]

Interview with Mompreneur Harmony Vallejo, Universal Events CEO

Harmony Vallejo’s dedication to shaping a brighter future for the next generation has been a lifelong passion.Based on her extensive experience in communication and marketing, she founded Universal Events, Inc. as a way to serve communities and help nonprofits thrive.As CEO, she leads a team of seasoned professionals with skills that span social media, communications, […]