John Lusink, Toronto Real Estate Professional, Speaks to Leadership and Disruption in Real Estate

John Lusink is a Toronto-based real estate professional and president and broker of record at Right at Home Realty, Inc. With more than three decades of experience in the real estate industry, John’s background includes an exceptional commercial real estate sales career, success in managing the corporate offices for one of Canada’s most notable real […]

3 Times in Your Life When You May Have to Lawyer Up

Having to contact a lawyer for the first time is an odd situation to be in. Anytime litigation is needed, it is never a pleasant experience. But how do you know it is officially time to call up a lawyer to make sure someone has your back? Listed below are three times when you should […]

Interview with Bobby Genovese: Why He Considers Giving Back a Responsibility

Bobby Genovese is an entrepreneur and business executive who holds by the principal that success in business means connecting enthusiastic people with winning opportunities.  To the executive, success also means giving back to one’s community.  As a result, over the years, Bobby Genovese has been an active supporter of a number of organizations, perhaps most […]

Toronto Executive Mathieu Chantelois on Going From Media to Non-Profit

Mathieu Chantelois can’t remember a time he’s been without a pen and paper.  So, it makes sense he’d grow to pursue a career in media and journalism.  Since then, Chantelois has had an extensive professional career as a television presenter, magazine editor, published journalist, and now, Vice President for the Boys and Girls Clubs of […]

Winnipeg Entrepreneur Kris Thorkelson Lends His Guidance to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For the better part of two decades, Kris Thorkelson has been paving his way as an entrepreneur in Winnipeg.  He’s the owner of The Prescription Shop, which has a number of retail outlets in Winnipeg; he also owns two medical clinics that are attached to his pharmacies. Today, Thorkelson is expanding his focus to Winnipeg’s […]