Things to Consider When Buying Your New Home

Buying a new home is a huge achievement that deserves a lot of celebration! However, this makes it very easy to get caught up in the process. Rushing towards the finish line is a mistake many can fall into when it comes to buying a home. Imagining yourself waking up in your new bedroom, making […]

Things to Consider When Starting a Business

There are plenty of tips out there for starting your business, and some of them are actually contradictory. “Go ahead and take the leap!” says one while another advises, “You need to carefully plan everything before you start.” Once the business is underway, one article might continue to argue for a more risk-taking approach while […]

Time for a Career Change? Three Affirmations for Your Inner Entrepreneur

Just about anyone can come up with at least one killer business idea, but the majority of people lack the know-how, ambition or ability to bring their dream to life. There’s no shortage of people wanting to buy something, and there is never going to be a time when business isn’t needed. The current uncertainty […]

What Employers Need to Know About Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been used for many years as a way to treat various conditions. As an employer, you might be confused as to whether or not it’s legal for your employees to be using at work or who may be high when clocking in. It is critical that you work with your employees so […]

Chris Kape, Vancouver Entrepreneur, Speaks to Business Building, Common Capital Raising Mistakes

Christopher Kape is a serial entrepreneur and Vancouver venture capitalist who has over 20+ years of experience in business strategy, financing, mergers and acquisitions, and providing other strategic advisory services.  In 2001, Chris founded JAMCO Capital Partners Inc., an early-stage investment and strategic advisory firm that focuses on a number of industries, including gaming, high-tech, […]