The Age of Social Media Advertising: The Pro & Cons You Should Know

As the Digital Age and the Age of Social Media thrives, people are becoming more and more dependent on all things digital and online. People are turning to social media as their main way of communicating with one another, and this new form of communication seems to be here to last. Almost every person, young […]

What is the Most Accident Prone Day of the Week?

You know what they say: accidents happen. However, you may be surprised to learn that some accidents happen more regularly on certain days than others. The National Accident Helpline analysed data from hundreds and thousands of people to work out when accidents are most likely to happen.  Day of the Week  So let’s start by […]

Why Should You Start an Online Course

With the increasing demand for knowledge, online courses are often paid for by people who seek to experience lifelong learning and people who want to develop different skills. The Global E-learning Market is expected to grow to $275 billion by 2020 because of the low cost, flexibility, and accessibility that comes with online learning.  It’s […]

Staring Down the Current Housing Trends

The definition of modern trends is probably different to various people. It boils down to the core ingredients of what society is and isn’t.  When it comes to building trends, housing has been pushed way down the list.  This is making rent difficult, and home ownership next to impossible in many places, including Las Vegas […]

Stay Up to Date on Localization Industry Trends

With the business world becoming more globalized every day, if your company is active in foreign markets, you need to keep up with localization industry trends. The localization industry is a dynamic and multi-faceted world of language translation, marketing disciplines, international regulatory expertise, and machine translation advancements that are all changing every day.  To take […]