Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Virtual Assistant?

This is a trick question because there is no hard-and-fast definition of Virtual Assistant (VA). Even if your skill set is different from other people who do office work, you can still qualify within your particular niche. As a general rule, the job involves performing some set of needed tasks for other businesses while remaining […]

The Evolution of Our Casino Comparison Escapades from Land-Based to Online

Late-night runs playing in casinos used to be a big deal in the early years. It was one of the popular ways to rewind, sit back and relax, and have fun for most people. It also gave people a chance to spend time together in an environment where they didn’t have to be an active […]

Betting Shares fall after MPs call for Online Slots Limits

Gambling companies and their shares are very susceptible to even the subtle changes in the public sentiment. Not surprisingly, when members of the parliament come up with bold statements and announce radical changes, shares move wildly in one direction or the other. This is precisely what happened this week when the most important betting companies […]

5 Things You Should Know About Video Slots

For many people, reel machines and video slots are the same thing but this is far from the truth. Yes, you might use either machine to gamble but that’s where the similarities end. In reality, each of these variations provide a different game experience and the extent of these differences will depend on the personal […]

A Quick Guide to Blackjack

When friends meet on various occasions to party, one of the common card games everyone likes to indulge in is blackjack. My group of friends are loyal casino players, most of our planned meets often end up in casinos. Recently we were talking about when and how we learned to play various games. I talked […]