Outdated Job-Hunting beliefs

The industries we work in adapt and continue to change with the times. These times have been some of the most fast-paced with disruptive technologies popping up and data privacy changes. But just like industries themselves change, so does trying to land a job in them.

Many people struggling to land their dream job are failing not because they don’t have what it takes, but they are stuck in the past using outdated job-hunting beliefs. Learn the four biggest mistakes job seekers are making here.


#1: All Job Sites Are the Same

Indeed, you will often find the same jobs advertised across different job sites. After all, employers want to cast their net far and wide to see what type of talented professionals they can get through the door.

This has led people to believe that it doesn’t matter what job site you use, as you will always get the same jobs on any website. However, this is not the case because some job sites offer other reasons to choose their service.

This is true of JobRapido, a site that uses AI to make sure your searchers are quicker and more convenient. This site will categorise jobs together as a library, so you find more recommendations from a single search, saving you time and effort.

#2: You Only Need One CV

Having a stellar CV is not the winning ticket to get you a job in any field. Today, employers look for CV’s that have been tailored to their specific job, which may mean reorganising your lists such as education and experiences – and could mean a whole new CV structure.

The better news is that if you are applying for one type of job, your original CV should already be made bespoke to that industry and what employers are looking for.

#3: Languages Are Not that Important

If you were good at foreign languages in the past, your potential in the job market was indeed limited to teaching roles and translation. Yet, the world has moved on since then and has become far more connected. Globalisation mainly has caused businesses to team up across continents, and for that to work effectively, language skills are essential.

The modern CV should boast language skills and should not be left dangling at the end anymore!

#4: Soft Skills are Not as Important as Hard Skills

Of course, hard skills are usually a prerequisite to getting the job, but the gap between these and soft skill such may be closing dramatically. This has somewhat to do with the competitive job market where employers have access to individuals with the specific hard skills they are looking for. Fewer people have developed impeccable soft skills to go with them, and these could be what results in an interview or a rejection email. That being said, there are still some skills that you can leave out of your CV.

Avoid these four mistakes to improve your chances in the job market instantly!

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