7 Vendor Tips for Trade Shows in 2021

Are you planning to have a display at an upcoming trade show in your area? If so, you may want to ensure you set yourself up for success. When it comes to trade shows 2021, some things have changed; however, a lot has stayed the same. If you want to ensure success, be sure to […]

How to Open up a Gym: A Guide

Have you been considering opening your own gym? You love staying active and fit and have a good amount of knowledge about gym life, so why not become an entrepreneur? Opening a gym and starting your own business comes with several amazing benefits.  The first step in doing so is understanding how to open up […]

7 Great Reasons to Pursue a Career in Cosmetology

Cosmetology is an industry that is at its height yet still climbing higher. With tv shows like Euphoria providing inspiration for self-expression through makeup, and youtube gurus popularizing extravagant beauty looks, the cosmetology industry is booming. It’s estimated that by 2027, the cosmetics industry is to reach over 463 billion dollars. Since the industry isn’t […]

Cornerstone’s David Hannah Tax Advisor

In the last couple of years, due to the pandemic and the change in the financial and business landscape, there has been an increase in the number of people checking if they’re due tax refunds. With an estimated 1-in-6 people overpaying tax to HMRC in one way or another, you may well find that you’re […]

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Being Good Employers

People are often under the impression that being an entrepreneur means that you’re the only one who’s actively involved in the business. Of course, this is generally not the case. Most businesses need more than one person for them to run smoothly. If you’re an entrepreneur, you may be worried about also being an employer. […]