Top 7 Foreign Languages to Learn in 2022

We all wish to learn a new language at some time. It isn’t easy to find a student these days who isn’t attempting to acquire one or more foreign tongues in addition to their native language.

Learning a language is no more a pastime but rather a requirement for survival in today’s competitive world. A multilingual or polyglot will always have an advantage over a monoglot. So, have you ever thought about which language you should study and why? We will assist you in making this process as simple as possible.

Top 7 foreign languages to learn

foreign languages to learn

We have gathered a checklist of the seven most beneficial languages to learn and why they’re valuable in this article.


After Mandarin, Spanish is the second most frequently spoken language. Therefore it’s no wonder that it’s at the top of the list of languages to study.

Having your material available in Spanish opens possibilities in Spain, Latin American nations such as Mexico, Paraguay, Ecuador, and the United States, where 37.6 million people speak it as their first language. Spanish is essential with the world’s second-largest economy and a Hispanic population expected to treble by 2050.


French, Europe’s second most frequently spoken language, is predicted to grow in popularity post-Brexit. Its widespread use, particularly in emerging economies, makes it a solid language to master.

The colonial history of France played a significant role in making French the second-most widely spoken language in Europe. Because of this history, this language is spoken by more people outside of France than within it.

According to Forbes, 750 million French speakers will be worldwide by 2050. For English speakers, learning French is not difficult.


The country’s size, rising economy, and natural riches illustrate its corporate attraction. Furthermore, Moscow has the most billionaires per capita of any city globally.

It is the eighth-most prevalent language globally, spoken in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. It is the second most often used language in Internet content after English, and it accounts for the majority of internet material in Europe.

Russian is typically considered one of the most challenging languages to master. The grammatical rules are pretty complicated, with several exceptions.


Arabic is extensively utilized by parts of Africa’s and the Middle East’s expanding and dynamic economies. It is ranked as the fifth most promising spoken language in the world. Arabic is the fourth most popular language among internet users.

Because of diplomatic and possibly economic benefits, Arabic has also made its way onto the British Council’s list of critical languages.

World Economic Forum stated Arabic is the fifth most promising and internationally influential language.


For you, English opens the door to the entire universe. It has evolved into a worldwide language. These days, English is more than simply a language to be learned; it is a tool used in our daily lives.

There are more non-native English speakers around the globe than native English speakers. Moreover, half of the material on the internet is in English.


German is thought to have between 80 and 100 million speakers. Because Germany is one of the EU’s largest economies, understanding the language looks to be essential for business success.

Being the UK’s most important trading partner, Germany is also the second-best exporting market for goods. As a result, you must master the German language.

According to a UK poll, over 45 percent of respondents consider German a valuable language.

7.  Mandarin

With over one billion Mandarin Chinese speakers worldwide, it’s no surprise that it was of the top languages to study in 2020.

While most speakers are in China, the country is developing as a worldwide power, making it increasingly crucial for enterprises to have Chinese-speaking team members. The number of global corporations seeking CEOs who speak Mandarin has increased by 35% over the previous year. It is not the most straightforward language for English speakers to learn, but the benefits outweigh the difficulties.


The most significant language to learn is the one that interests you the most—that will keep you practicing and motivated to study no matter what obstacles you meet along the journey.

So, whether you want to conclude commercial transactions in Mandarin or make friends with Egyptians, know that your hard effort will open up a world of options. So, in 2022, why not learn a new language?

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