5 Skills That You Should Never Mention in Your Resume

There are many skills that will help you stand out in the crowd, but you can’t just throw all skills (relevant, irrelevant all) into the resume and leave it to the interviewer to pick whichever he likes. Your resume does not have to fill an entire file with unnecessary skills that don’t even fit your job profile. What matters is the quality of experiences you have gathered. So avoid looking like a fool, and use some of the following tips to perfect your resume:

  • Leave out any foreign you’ve learnt in high school: We all know how the French classes in junior year went by. In fact, it isn’t advisable to include any language in your resume, unless you are so thorough with it that you can easily communicate with a person from that nation. This communication involves speaking, reading and writing.
    What if your interviewer can speak French and you haven’t brushed your French since high school? Well, you will be big trouble for putting in incorrect information.
  • Leave out on MS Word and Email: This is almost equivalent to saying that you can read and do basic addition. These skills don’t make you different, instead you are supposed to be familiar with them. So, mentioning them will make you look foolish. It appears though you don’t have enough skills to list down, and you are adding these to fluff up your resume.
  • Leave out on your Social Media: There is a difference between managing your personal Instagram account or Facebook Page, and managing an official profile of an institution you’ve previously worked for. When you work as a part of professional setting, you are expected to do much more than mere sharing and posting content, you are involved in data analytics and with involved with paid media.
  • Leave out on the soft skills: Instead of merely mentioning that you have good leadership skills, you may want to mention this specific point through an experience or example. Don’t flat out list them – demonstrate them by explaining indirectly rather. For example: Instead of mentioning multitasking as a skill, you can say “Managed a team of 50 members and led the team to the semi-finals”.
  • Leave out on the outdated technology skills: This is a technological world, so no one is interested in software that was in practice 10 years ago. Interviewers look for flexible candidates who can learn and adapt to new technological developments.
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