How Do I Firm up My Dog’s Stool Naturally

Soft stools are not uncommon in dogs. In fact, your pup will probably experience soft stools at least a few times during their life.

Usually, soft stools will come and go without any other problems. Sometimes your dog might need help getting its bowel movements back on the right track.

It is important to know what a soft stool is before attempting to help your pup. You also should know a few natural ways to firm up a soft stool in case your dog ever runs into the problem.

Here are some ways to make your dog’s soft poo become more solid without needing to give medicine.

What Is a Soft Stool?

This may sound like a silly question, but there is a huge difference between a soft stool and diarrhea. They can have different causes and should not be treated the same.

Soft stool is still formed, although typically mushy, and can be picked up and thrown away. Diarrhea is primarily liquid and cannot be picked up at all. Diarrhea is generally caused by an infection or disease.

Soft stools are normally the result of a dietary issue. Your pup’s diet may be lacking fiber or protein, or they may have a food intolerance. Soft stools could also be caused by stress or certain medications your dog may be taking.

There are many natural ways to help your dog firm up its bowel movements

High-Quality Diet

Dog diet

Dogs need a balanced diet to live a happy and healthy life. While a high-quality diet is the best option for your pup, this does not necessarily mean it has to be the most expensive option.

It is all about making the best choices for your own dog. You will want to choose dog foods that list meat as the first ingredient. Make sure it is not a meat derivative or a meat by-product, though.

You also want to make sure the food has a low amount of fat. White meats, including chicken, turkey, rabbit, and white fish, provide less fat than red meats.

Dog foods with a fewer amount of ingredients will also be better. They contain little to no preservatives, processed foods, and irritants.

Oats, rice, barley, and wheat are other ingredients in dog food that help firm stool. Avoid dog foods that contain soy or soybean products and paté-style foods.

You will want to choose a diet with a high protein and high fiber content for your pup.

Cut Out Dairy and Fatty Foods

A majority of dogs are lactose intolerant and do not digest dairy well. Most dog foods do not contain dairy, but it does not hurt to check. Also, make sure that any treats or snacks you are giving them do not contain dairy.

Poor milk digestion results in undigested milk sugars, which soften dogs’ stools by pulling water from the intestines. It can cause other digestion issues, as well.

When choosing your dog’s food, snacks, and treats, pick ones that have a low fat content. Chicken, turkey, and whitefish are leaner meat selections that you can provide for your dog, too.

Try not to give your dog any food scraps that have been fried in oil. Fried foods are hard to digest and will form a layer in the dog’s intestine, which causes soft stools.

Add Fiber to Your Dog’s Diet

Fiber is a great option for firming up your dog’s stool. It soaks up liquid in the intestines. Fiber also provides bulk to your pup’s stools, which helps them be firm and keeps your dog feeling full for a longer period.

Do not feed your pup too much fiber, as this can result in an upset stomach. A convenient and natural source of fiber is pumpkin.

Pumpkin is excellent for digestion because it is full of healthy fibers. It also contains several vitamins and minerals. It is also useful to get rid of diarrhea and help with constipation.

According to your dog’s weight, add one to four tablespoons of pumpkin into your dog’s meals. You can find all the benefits of pumpkin for dogs here:

Other natural options to get your dog more fiber is oats, white rice, and raw vegetables like carrots.


Soft stools are usually related to something in your dog’s diet and can be helped by adding to or adjusting their diet. Always check with your vet beforehand to ensure you make the safest options for your four-legged friend.

A well-balanced diet is the best way to ensure that your pup’s bowel movements are healthy and consistent. Choose a dog food that is high in protein and high in fiber.

Stay away from dairy and fatty foods. If needed, you can add a natural fiber supplement, such as pumpkin, to get your dog’s stools back on track.

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