The Horrors of Business Travel and How to Solve Them

The Horrors of Business Travel and How to Solve Them

Frequent business travelers know that traveling to new places is not as rosy as newbies think. Business travel can be stressful and take a toll on people’s health. Also, there are plenty of other horrifying experiences frequent travelers are exposed to. Here are some of the terrible things that can happen to you on business trips with simple hacks to fix them:

The Stress

Business people who are constantly on the road are at risk for higher levels of stress. Traveling itself can be exhausting when you are spending each night at another unfamiliar hotel room. Business travel can also take away the precious time you have with your family. Travel is also an anathema to sleep. When all these different factors are combined, stress levels spike.

The best way to deal with business travel stress is to address it right away. Don’t deny that you are stressed. Talking to your friends, family or a professional counselor will help. You can manage the blues by keeping in touch with your family via Skype or similar apps. You can also escape while on a plane by watching a movie or listening to your favorite music.

Jet Lag

Jet lag will alter normal patterns of sleep. Frequent travelers are at higher risk for severe disruptions in sleep due to jet lag. It can also disrupt digestion and exacerbate health-related issues. It is important to know that frequent jet lag has long-term health implications.

The good news is that it is possible to fight off this problem. Before you have a long flight, get a good night’s sleep. Once you arrive, don’t sleep until it is nighttime in local time. Also, plan your day so you can get at least 7 hours of sleep without interruption. It also helps to keep a sleep mask and a travel pillow that you can use on planes and in hotel rooms to make settings more familiar for sound sleeping.

Being Unable to Stream Favorite Shows

One of the biggest downers of being on the road constantly is having to miss favorite TV show episodes. Even Netflix and other site streamers face this problem. Streaming websites like Netflix impose restrictions on certain countries. For example, you might not be able to stream your favorite GoT episodes in Thailand the same way in the U.S.

On the plus side, there is a way to bypass these unfair geographical restrictions. The trick is to use a VPN or a SmartDNS service, which allows access past web filters. Don’t worry; you will remain anonymous on the web so a foreign government cannot bust you. There are many VPNs available right now, so choose a package that specifically allows you access to streaming websites.

Flight Delays

When you are a business traveler, flight delays happen all the time. You will end up spending ungodly amounts of time at airports waiting to catch a connecting flight or for the weather to clear up.

Of course, there’s nothing you can do to prevent flight delays. However, you can make the best out of the time during which you have to wait. You can be more productive and get some work done. You can also check out the airport and use an app to find a good coffee shop inside. If the flight is delayed for more than a day, the best solution is to find a hotel room and sleep.

The above solutions to common problems will make your business travel plans much more pleasant.

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