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For the aspiring gentleman, access to a private jet is the dream. We all know from social media, as well as news and entertainment outlets, that it’s an enormously privileged lifestyle to travel on demand to this extent. It takes years of luck, family inheritance, or back-breaking work to be able to afford all the perks of the high life and own a private jet. Fortunately, access to the Private Jet lifestyle is a slightly easier process with VistaJet.

One of the biggest celebrities around, and definitely one of the best men on Instagram in 2015, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a man who has worked hard and is now reaping the rewards. Sharing a photo last year in front of his own private jet, he commented, “Wheels up – New York bound. […] From starting with $7 bucks to building a global enterprise… happy to share my philosophies and lessons learned.” Johnson’s original $7 was, over a matter of years, carefully built up and wisely invested over the course of his wrestling and acting careers to get him where he is today.

When you want to make every penny of your own $7 count, you look for the very best. Trusted by heads of state, entrepreneurs, corporations and individuals to get to the right place at the right time, VistaJet are really making waves in Global business travel. By June last year, VistaJet offered flights to 1300 airports all over the world, staying true to their word of “connecting clients to every corner of the world.” With a grand total of 50 aircrafts, they own the largest private Bombardier fleet in the world, and their business model is said to be simple yet effective: ensure all aircraft are available to all customers, at a fixed rate.

What VistaJet offer is essentially a subscription service for travel – not unlike a season ticket for the rail network. They offer two ways to fly: program or on demand. The original service, Program, is designed for frequent flyers who will get the most out of it. VistaJet enable Program clients all the convenience of having their own private jet on standby with a changing fleet of staff, so they can jet off with as little as 24 hours’ notice. Because Program clients use the service so often, it works out as affordably as private jets can, with a fixed price, paying per hour of travel, with no hidden fees. The on demand service comes with fewer benefits, for the more occasional traveller looking to book on an ad-hoc basis.

As one would expect from elite private transport, there are some more unusual perks: everything is insured by VistaJet, so there’s no travel insurance fees to pay, and there is the option for a US visa waiver. Under this rule, VistaJet customers of some nationalities are eligible to enter the US for business or pleasure for up to 90 days, waiving the notoriously strict visa rules the US border patrol normally enforce. There are other perks to the private jet lifestyle, too.

It’s quite something to combine aeroplane food with delicacy, but that’s exactly what Vistajet have gone and done. In a recent blog post, they outlined their dedication to ensuring customers eat well in the new year, referencing their new snacking menu. Locally-sourced olives, Propercorn, and gluten-free biscuits are now on offer to waist-watching clients, along with Pukka brand tea. Nina Flohr, Vistajet Creative Director, has a vision to provide a home away from home for clients, with luxury pyjamas and the Body Deli brand skincare amenities making these homes very, very nice indeed.

There’s a wealth of features still to be discussed, but when you consider that Vistajet clients pay by the hour for a flight – and for one short haul flight, it’s an expensive hour – they aim to make it worth every penny.

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