Saving Money on Business Travel

If you run a small business, the thought of having to travel can be daunting because travelling is expensive.  However, in some businesses, travelling is a necessary fact of life.  Especially when it comes to consulting or similar businesses, you need to be where the client is.  Here are some simple ways that you can save money on business travel.


Use Frequent Flier Miles

The easiest way that you can save money on your travel is to use frequent flier miles or frequent flier points to get discounts or free travel on future trips.  With every flight you make, you can gain more miles.  You can also use mileage credit cards to earn miles even faster.  By combining flights and spending, you can quickly earn enough to get free flights and save expenses later down the road.


Join Hotel Programs

Another way to save is to use the same principle as above with airline miles, but apply it to hotel points.  Join your favorite hotel rewards program, and earn points with every stay.  Furthermore, just joining the program can usually get you discounts (or at least free upgrades) on your stays.  Many hotel programs also have perks for business travelers, so make sure that you inquire and see what you can get.


Think Beyond Traditional Travel

Finally, you can think beyond traditional travel, as it may be cheaper and maybe even more productive for your business.  For example, you can use a ferry if it goes to the ferry ports you need on your trip.  Or you could take the train and work along the entire ride to your destination.  Both of these options could be cheaper than flying, and also give you more options to work while you travel.  Don’t just limit yourself to your traditional travel venues.

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