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It’s a popular misconception that people who have to travel for business dislike doing so. Although there are certainly some drawbacks to having to be on the road for work, a recent survey revealed that 90 percent of people actually enjoy traveling for work, assuming that everything goes smoothly.

If your company caters to business travelers, or if even part of your market is business travelers, understanding what they want and what makes them enjoy their business trips is a key part of your success. Whether you operate a restaurant, lodging, transportation or other service that serves the business travel market, then, prioritize the following features, and you will attract more customers and keep them coming back.


Business travelers are always looking for convenience, from selecting where they want to stay to how they travel from point A to point B. Making things as simple and convenient as possible for your business customers will keep them coming back. This could mean everything from offering expedited services for business travelers (think quick service lunch menus at restaurants, for example) to providing features that business travelers demand, such as access to printers and copying services, adequate workspace, or information about local services and attractions.

Consider how this might work for a short-term rental, for instance. While many business travelers opt to stay in a hotel, if you have a short-term rental near a major business destination like a convention center, use that in your marketing. Highlight the proximity of your location to attract travelers, and then provide business friendly features such as high-speed internet, office equipment, and detailed information about the local area to make their experience as convenient as possible.


Business travelers are busy, and don’t have a long time to spend standing in line or navigating cumbersome processes. Therefore, your business needs to focus on simplicity, and streamlining the things that business travelers need to do on their trips. For example, if you offer car rentals, your car rental reservation software should make it as quick and painless as possible for travelers to reserve a car and arrange for pickup. Offering additional features, such as automatically adding receipts to expense tracking software, should be a standard offering as well. Time is money when traveling for business, and travelers don’t want to waste time on cumbersome or inefficient processes that should be simple.

Loyalty Rewards

Another of the most common requests from business travelers is to be rewarded for their loyalty. Frequent flyer miles and hotel points are some of the more sought-after rewards, but even as a small business, you can reward business traveler loyalty with reward programs. Offer discounts and perks for repeat business to show your appreciation for their continued patronage, and keep them coming back for more. The more flexible and generous the rewards, the more appealing that your business will be.



It might seem strange, but feeding business travelers is almost always appreciated. A complimentary breakfast is one of the most requested services from hotels, and if you are in the lodging business, it’s almost a requirement to stay competitive. Even if you don’t have a hotel, think about ways that you can provide some sustenance to business travelers. Providing snacks and bottled water when they pick up their car, for example, can help stave off hunger until their next meal and increase their satisfaction. Stock your short-term rental property with plenty of coffee, tea, water, and single serving snacks to help travelers who have to work late. Anything you can do to keep business travelers fed will go a long way toward keeping them happy.


It might seem obvious, but Wi-Fi is a must for business travelers. If you can, offer free, secure Wi-Fi in your business to help them stay productive on the road.

Pleasing business travelers really comes down to finding ways to make travel more convenient, less stressful, and more comfortable. Anything you can do to achieve those goals and make traveling for work more pleasant is likely to make an impression, and ensure that your company or service is the first companies turn to when making their business travel plans.

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