When It Makes Sense to Use A Private Jet

One of the best alternatives to flying commercial airlines is a private jet charter. In fact, jet charter services are quite affordable today, thanks to the contribution of high-tech innovations such as torque seal f 900. However, you cannot charter a private jet simply because you can’t stand the long queues at the airport. There are situations where a private jet is worth the splurge.

In light of this, we explore various situations when it makes sense using a private jet.

You Have a Large Group of VIPs

According to Michael Chase, an executive at a leading aviation consulting firm, the more people that need to travel, the more it begins to make financial sense to charter a private jet.  For a team of 15 highly paid executives, whose only alternative is flying business class, the time saved using a private jet can justify the difference in cost.

Moreover, group flying enhances productivity. Namely, if you are flying together with several colleagues, you can work with in complete privacy. This is unlike if you are flying first class, where you may not even be knowing the person sitting next to you.

You Have Several Stops at Limited Timeframe

Another great advantage of using a private jet is that it saves significant time and stress. This is extremely beneficial when you have several stops to make in a limited timeframe.  A perfect example of this situation is flying New York to Green Bay to Chicago to New York in a single day.

For a team of four employees, this will set you back about $30,000 on a private jet. When you factor in their salaries and accommodation in each city, it makes perfect sense in light of the fact that it can’t be achieved in a single day using a commercial aircraft.

You Will be Using an Often Discounted Route

When it comes to air travel, some routes normally cost less compared to others. For instance, if you are flying from Santa Monica to San Jose, you are highly likely to strike an amazing deal. The same applies if you are traveling from Teterboro Airport in New York to West Palm Beach.

A Route has Limited or No Commercial Airline Service

Sometimes commercial airlines just don’t work, or are inconvenient. For instance, it’s extremely difficult to get to Amangiri in Utah. You can choose to fly to Phoenix or Vegas and then travel by road about five hours or take a small regional connection.

The most convenient and efficient option, however, is to charter a private jet that will get you to Page, Ariz., airport, which is only about 20-minute drive from Amangiri.

You Will Be Dealing with Stormy Weather

Sometimes you have to make it to a meeting without fail. Whereas a private jet can often manoeuvre through bad weather when bad local storms usually ground commercial planes. Hence, you will not miss that crucial meeting, thanks to private jet charter services.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of evidence that using private jet makes good economic sense in certain situations, but there are situations when it’s absolutely not worth it.

Likewise, research shows that organizations that make use of private jet charter services outdo their competitors who use commercial airlines for all their business trips. Therefore, you should know when it’s worth to fly privately and when to endure the hassles that come with flying commercial.

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