5 Genius Ways to Repurpose Content

Repurpose Content

Repurposing content, which is when you find a new use for old content, comes with several benefits, including:

  • Reaching new audiences

Some users will prefer a visual infographic overwritten statistics. Some people prefer podcasts to ebooks. Reformatting content for a different medium gives you the chance to reach a new audience.

  • Bring an old story back to life

Everyone has a book that sits to the back of the bookshelf. That old favorite that you always forget about until you see it and decide to read it again. Maybe it takes a few months or years until you find it again, but you do. Repurposing content allows you to find great old content and bring it back to the front of the crowd.

  • Get the Most out of your Efforts

No doubt you feel proud when you’ve spent a lot of effort on creating great content. It takes more than quality to succeed though. There are lots of unseen factors affecting how well content performs, and sometimes you’re just out of luck. Repurposing content means that people who missed out on it the first time have the chance to see it again.

5 Great Ways to Repurpose Content

Now that you know why you should repurpose content, it’s time to look at ways to repurpose content. We’re sure you can employ at least one of these methods!

  1. Turn Webinars Into Video Tutorials

You’ve put together an impressive webinar and everyone loved it. The problem is that not everyone got to see it. A few months down the line you have some new visitors and leads that don’t know what they missed. Bring the webinar back to life by turning it into a YouTube video and ensuring it lives on. This is good for your website of course, but it can also increase traffic by encouraging YouTube users to visit your site.

  1. Turn Old Blog Posts Into Guides

After you’ve written a number of posts about a particular topic, you can consider taking that content and turning them into a guide. Let’s say you’ve written posts about uploading images to Pinterest, properly using hashtags on the website, and how to upload a cover picture that uses text over image to improve click rates. Take those posts and repurpose them into a complete guide to using Pinterest. Use the guide as part of your lead generation and email marketing efforts.

  1. Turn Internal Data Into Case Studies

You should understand the importance of testing. It’s the way to go when you want more traffic, email signups, and subscribers. If you are running tests on your website then we recommend you keep hold of the data and convert it into a case study you can share with fans. If you’ve done experiments to see which color button gets clicked on the most, then you can share that with readers.

  1. Turn a PowerPoint Presentation Into a Slidedeck

You’ve put together a great PowerPoint presentation ready to share at the next meeting. The presentation went well, but you don’t want that to be the end of the presentation. Think of the charts and graphs, of all the work that went into it. Well, you can take that presentation and repurpose it into a slide deck with SlideShare.

All you need to do is edit the slides for your consumer audience, upload the presentation to SlideShare, and then embed it into your website. That’s all it takes to get a great piece of content without much effort.

  1. Turn Interviews Into Expert Advice Books

Interviews are great blog content. It’s easy to conduct and edit an interview, and they tend to get lots of traction; especially when the person being interviewed shares it with their own audience. Take those interviews and repackage them as an expert advice book. You’re essentially taking the same content but putting it in a different medium. There’s nothing wrong with this either, as some people prefer ebooks to blog posts. You can also use the book to grab the attention of people who missed the interview.

With our tips on repurposing content, you’ll be sure to get the most value out of your content possible. Who needs to create new content when you’ve got old stuff you just need to dust off and give a little TLC?

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