How To Repurpose Content for Better SEO

There are many reasons you should be repurposing content. One of the biggest reasons is for better search engine optimisation. But rephrasing content can be difficult and time-consuming. How do you know how much to change to avoid duplicate content penalties.

repurpose content

In this article we will dive into cases where rewriting content is appropriate. We also show you the easiest way to rewrite your content with Contento’s new paraphrasing tool.

When is it OK to repurpose content?

There are many cases where we end up with identical text blocks across multiple web pages. From a user point of view, these can make sense. But for search engines, identical blocks of copy is a no-no.
Duplicate content can hurt your search rankings. It makes it difficult for search engines to rank two pages that are basically the same.
Here are some circumstances where you might end up with identical content blocks:

  • Product descriptions on your e-commerce site.
  • Product descriptions on other e-commerce sites.
  • Landing pages on your marketing website.
  • Press releases published on multiple sites.
  • Creating multiple unique versions of an article to push out to media.

In any of these cases, it’s best to create a similar but unique copy for each. This is very difficult, but there is an easier way to make this process less painful.

Rewrite content quickly with this paraphrasing tool.

Contento has created a paraphrasing tool that works using advanced machine learning. It creates natural sounding sentences that might even be better than the original.

This paraphrasing tool uses advanced machine learning to not only switch words but also rewrite articles in a way that is correct and sounds natural.
When creating this new rewriter, Contento put a lot of effort into the ease-of-use and overall design. Making it simple to use and giving you multiple options for rewriting.

This tool gives you three options to help you repurpose your content:


The Assist option gives you a progress bar that lets you track edits and guides you through making at least 30% changes. If you want to make your own edits but want to make sure you create a new unique article, this is a good choice.


A new version of the copy is automatically generated. This may be a good start before you edit your article yourself. Advanced machine learning does a great job at recreating sentences. But it’s always a good idea to review the content and make your own edits as well.


There really is no better solution than letting a professional copywriter create a new version of your content. This may cost you money, but it will save you time and effort. This is a great option if you want to entrust your content rewrite to a professional. Turn-around time is only a couple of days and the cost is most likely less than the value of your time.


We all need to repurpose content from time to time. It’s better to do it correctly and create unique content that will rank in search results.
Contento’s paraphrasing tool gives you the options to make rewriting content easy. Give it a go.

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