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Despite your blog have a definite purpose you must always keep your audience. You should cheery our readers with creative and epic posts. Sometimes it seems to be impossible to surprise people with the new posts. Because lots of topics have been already covered either in your business blog or in the others. Fortunately, it is not a dead end. If you find a new approach you can bring any topic  to life! The following ideas for blog posts can inspire you to create material that will being at demand of audience.

Give an advice

The life of every business is not calm. Many cases happen everyday. Try to pickup an urgent problem and create a post with experts advice for the solution. It is better to gather different points of view and show the example how to solve this problem in practice. The problem may be ordinary and be covered in other posts, but your advice is unique. For example, if an expert gives a sudden advice to invest money into new kind of business, most will listen to him and act as he suggested.

Arrange a contest

If you encourage your followers to compete the level of their engagement in your blog will be higher. The best blogs are those where the audience show excellent performance. Within the scope of the business blogs, you should make people compete for the doubtlessly useful prize. The best object for the prize is some rare object like a book with limited circulation or with the signature of the outstanding and respectable writer. It is the thing that will motivate them to compete.

Contests are usually made in order to promote your website because users always share such posts in social networks. However, do not overdo with such posts. Create them rarely and try to post them during the holidays when people are in special need of presents.


Make a quiz

The interactive kinds of content bask in popularity. Quizzes are perfect to learn the information about blog readers and select content according to their preferences. You can dedicate one post the quiz itself and these can done later where you will present the results with their thorough analysis. The audience enjoy squizzes because they feel as a part of an important survey and this is an honor for them to contribute to the work of blog they read.

The destruction of myths

Our world is full of myths, stereo types and superstitions. People believe in them because they are too lazy to analyze and dig to the core. The number of the myths is so immense, so you will always have a material to the well upon. Try to choose myths that are related to work of famous business brands because they are always actual. For example, you can demolish a myth about essay writing services and show the Edubirdie as an example.

Celebration post


You can always find a person to congratulate everyday!  It refers especially to business professionals, the information about which will be essential for your readers. This is a good opportunity to create a post about a person born this day and focus on the story of his success.

The day in the company

People read business blogs to learn experience from those who are in the same area with them. Every businessman has a model of  the company that he tries to imperfect. It is very useful for them to read posts about successful companies and learn principles of their work, features of management or leadership system. It will be greatify ouput into a post an interview with CEO and manager to make your material more accurate.

Post funny material

You might consider business blogs to be extremely serious kind of website. However, blogs must not only inform people but  also entertain them. If you include from time to time a post with the amusing material in your blog feed you may satisfy readers` need in entertainment. Another question is how to make a truly funny post. You must use various stylistic devices that will make your text humorous. Also, you can pick really ridiculous topic and make an elaborate survey during the creation of the post. To make up unusually funny topic you have an option to compare two, from the first sight in comparable concepts, objects, companies, personalities, etc. For instance, try to compare brand Coca-Cola with (no, not Pepsi) some rock band or the character from the cartoon? Every object in the world has common and distinctive features with the other objects. That is why it is a limitless source of the ideas.

Promote the best

Readers always want the best for themselves. That`s because they think that if they choose something of exceptional they feel special. Posts with digests of best companies, products, books, etc, go a bomb. Indeed, there is a simple explanation of it. Why should you buy an ordinary product, watch a typical film, keep to traditions of an unpopular company if you know what is the best for sure. It is convenient to organize items in such posts into lists. Readers will likely read lists than text with  traditional structure because they resemble people an exact  plant which they must keep to. Infact, this is an illusion of self-discipline, but it is a good tool to engage the audience too.

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