5 Visuals Every Good Presentation Needs

Without visuals, a presentation can become a mind-numbingly boring delivery of densely packed information. It can make a presentation redundant — and less impactful — if all you have on your presentation slides is text that echoes what you’re already saying.

On the flip side of things, it can also be vague if your slide is limited to a few select lines of text that represent an idea you are expanding on — without any visual aids.

Using custom, appealing visuals in a presentation helps a speaker to provide context for their ideas and arguments, elevate their speech, and tell a story.


Presentation visuals no longer begin and end with cheesy images that fly in from the corner of a slide — although, sometimes that kind of transition can provide a cheeky, ironic effect.

Nowadays, the best presentations use original graphics, engaging transitions, visually interesting infographics, and high-quality images to tell a story — elements that a PowerPoint design company can provide.

Every good presentation needs a healthy balance of these types of visual aids.

Custom Made Infographics

Infographics are a visual way to present data-driven information to make it engaging and help it resonate. In fact, there have even been TED Talks explaining the value of visual data in presentations.

According to HubSpot, the use of infographics by B2B marketers has increased by 65 percent in the last four years alone.

Notable percentages and increases and decreases in numbers help support a point, but they can be easily missed by your audience if not presented with the right emphasis and visual organization.

Visual data

A good PowerPoint design company can help elevate your presentation by creating custom made infographics and technical drawings to match your brand’s tone, help distill your company’s message and convey important data more effectively.

If you are looking to integrate some engaging visuals into your presentation, check out Stinson Design to see how a professional PowerPoint design agency can take your presentation to a new level with made-to-order custom graphics.

Video Integration

According to Forbes, only 4 percent of professionals regularly use videos in their presentations — but why?

Videos not only make your presentation more dynamic, but they help to pace it better. In addition to supporting ideas, videos break up your speech and give your audience (and you) a break from hearing your voice.

Work with a design company to create, edit and integrate custom video into your presentation to make it — and your brand — more dynamic.

Custom video

High-Quality Images

According to The Huffington Post, studies actually show that 50 to 80 percent of the human brain is dedicated to processing visuals.

The right image can engage viewers and elevate a point — which is why it’s important to get assistance from a presentation consulting company who can ensure that your presentation has high-quality images to inspire your audience, communicate your brand’s message and, in turn, close sales.   

Proper photo sourcing will ensure that your presentation’s images complement the story you are telling.

When you pick an unrelated or poor-quality image, it packs less of a punch. A blurry image has the power to decrease the quality of your presentation instantly.

Quotes & Statistics That Pack a Punch

Quotes make a great slide for any presentation. So many great TED Talks are given with the backdrop of one visual: one quote, or one piece of information.


If you have one consistent point through a presentation, having that quote representing your talk’s theme on a slide — or across multiple slides — helps to emphasize your point, and ensures that your audience doesn’t lose sight of the quote driving your speech.

Seamless and Engaging Transitions

Visual transitions make for a seamless flow from one slide to the next and help you — and your audience — move from one idea to another. Of course, there are basic transitions available on PowerPoint, but the typical swipe transition is overused and not visually engaging.

Take the time to pick the right transitions or have them designed by an experienced PowerPoint design agency who will ensure your presentation stands out with custom graphics and smooth transitions and animations. Visuals add a layer of interest to your presentations that, when used right, can emphasize the ideas and information you are trying to convey.

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