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Liberty Media take a slice of the fast lane – now teams can too

For those who haven’t been keeping up with Liberty Media’s recent share purchase in Delta Topco, the parent company of F1, the most recent development is that Bernie Ecclestone will retain his role as Chairman for at least the next 3 years, and that teams will be given the chance to invest in the sport […]

What Makes an Effective Leader

          Before investments and elaborate business plans, there are most important things that matter if you want to succeed in your job. First of all, a person who wants to reach success in his business must obtain leadership skills that are a guarantee of your competitive ability.  The presence of leaders […]

Ideas for Epic Business Blog Posts

Despite your blog have a definite purpose you must always keep your audience. You should cheery our readers with creative and epic posts. Sometimes it seems to be impossible to surprise people with the new posts. Because lots of topics have been already covered either in your business blog or in the others. Fortunately, it […]

Here is What You Didn’t Know About Indian Fashion

It is the nature of human beings to want to have something that serves more than one purpose. More so for those of you who have tight budgets to work with. You need to find a point where the balance strikes; a point where you can have what you want and at an affordable price. […]

How to Keep the Premium for Your Car Insurance under Check

Car insurance could be an important tool for saving your precious car and your hard-earned money in the event of theft or damage as a result of some undesirable situation. Moreover, you are required to carry SR-22 insurance in case of a major traffic violation. You would be incurring an extra expense by buying car […]