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Ugh! Signs to Get with the Times in Design

Have you ever walked into a shop and immediately felt turned off by their choice in décor? Used furniture that’s showing visible stains Tacky signage that doesn’t hit that vintage feeling Stacks of hard copy with the front-desk scrambling to organize Lighting fixtures you could swipe an inch of dust off The perceived value of […]

Top PayPal Plugins for WordPress

When deciding whether to take your products online, the question of accepting payments is often the most worrisome. The online market is huge. With the net’s ability to target your unique target method, unimpeded by geographical restrictions, online retailing is a fantastic way to boost sales. However, the setup process is commonly littered with pitfalls. […]

4 Reasons Why Keeping Track of Inventory Is Important to a Small Business

Your inventory is where a lot of your business’s money is cached. It’s potential income and also potential loss if you don’t sell it. When you keep paper records of your inventory, you’re crippling your business because you can’t evaluate your inventory in real time. Paper records are harder to back up, harder to examine, […]

Why Companies Are Looking at Onshoring Jobs

After years of sending jobs to other countries, companies are reconsidering their policies. Outsourcing is no longer in vogue at many major corporations. Instead, they are reverting back to hiring Americans for jobs. What has changed? Companies are accepting that some of their opinions on outsourcing were wrong. Here’s why companies are looking at onshoring […]

Reasons Smart Small Business Owners Must Invest In Security

Small business owners may not expect that they need to worry about security breaches – surely it’s only big companies like Apple or Microsoft that are targeted by hackers? Actually, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that hacks can happen to any company, no matter how small the website or network. Not only that, […]