How to Keep the Premium for Your Car Insurance under Check


Car insurance could be an important tool for saving your precious car and your hard-earned money in the event of theft or damage as a result of some undesirable situation. Moreover, you are required to carry SR-22 insurance in case of a major traffic violation. You would be incurring an extra expense by buying car insurance, but it could help save you a considerable amount of money provided you keep a number of things in mind. You should always take perfect information regarding the chosen policy and try your best to get the most out of it. You could easily have the best car insurance policy simply by comparing policies offered by different insurance companies.

Effective Comparisons: A Must

You should shop around a few car insurance companies because rates would be varying from one provider to another and sometimes, up to 400%. You should consult your friends, family, and even colleagues to share their knowledge and give you a solid advice on car insurance. However, you must do ample research on your own for effective comparisons.

Techniques for Reducing Insurance

Get in Touch with a Reputed & Reliable Insurance Provider

You must get your car insured with a well-known household insurance company that would be yielding a discount of five to ten percent of your premium. Make the most of the insurer’s discount, generally 5 to 10 % of your premium. Most insurance firms would be offering discounts for all cars fitted with automatic seat belts, airbags, anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices. Many insurers provide you with low-mileage discounts and even discounts for over one car and no claims. Drivers over 50 or 55 years of age with driver training courses and also diligent students could get special discounts. Drivers over 65 years of age would enjoy three-year impressive discounts on their car insurance premiums if they succeeded in completing a mature driving course.

Avoid Uninsured Motorist Cover

It is better not to opt for uninsured motorist policy unless it is mandatory by your state law. If in case you are injured or hit by any uninsured motorist, medical bills, and repair would be covered by collision insurance, PIP  cover, and some other medical insurance.

Drop Rental Car

You could cut out the expenses related to the rental car. If two cars are owned by your family, you could do without any rental car when one car goes for servicing. Any auto insurance company would be having some limits and restrictions on rental car payments.

Avoid Medical Insurance Duplication

You may cut down auto insurance medical payments if you are having employee hospitalization plan that would be duplicating medical insurance.

Avoid the Use of Emergency Towing Services

You could stay away from using the emergency towing services that would not be required anyways unless you are having an old car that is vulnerable to breakdowns. Insurance companies would be limiting the amount that they offer to you for a tow that is anyways too little. You could consider joining the AAA or maybe some other automobile club that would provide emergency towing services.

Opt for a Low Profile Vehicle

Consider buying a relatively low profile car. Do not make your car a status symbol. A low profile car should be offering low insurance rating. Also, opt for a suitable low insurance area if you are thinking of shifting base.


One thing you should never do for saving money on auto insurance is cutting down your liability limits. You must realize and appreciate that there is absolutely no correlation between the service quality and the premium paid. Drivers pay almost twice the standard premium amount for three years if they are banned because of dangerous or drunk driving. Keep in mind that your policy could stand canceled if you are proven guilty of recklessness, speeding or drunk driving causing death or injury.

Author Bio: Walter moore is an insurance agent who has served with a private firm in Texas for more than five years. He is an expert on car insurance, valuation, and leasing, and also runs a successful blog. He provides an effective auto insurance guide.

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