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Audi’s Progressive People Campaign [Sponsored Video]

German automaker Audi is on the lookout for inspiring and ambitious individuals across Germany as part of its latest #progressivepeople campaign. “What drives you?” is the one simple question the campaign asks. For years, Audi has been the benchmark for progression. Through #progressivepeople, the stellar automobile giant showcases the journey of the interviewed personalities through […]

Important Considerations When Setting Up Your eCommerce Business

So you’re about to take the plunge into business entrepreneurship for the first time, and as I am sure you have realized, there are ever changing considerations that need to be taken into account. For an eCommerce business (electronic commerce) in particular, where you have the opportunity to open 24/7 with no need for a […]

How To Market An App 101: Getting Found

It doesn’t matter how great your app’s functionality is if it can’t be found in the app store for download. With millions of apps available, getting your app discovered is increasingly challenging. That’s where the expertise of an app store optimization agency like Gummicube comes in. Specializing in boosting search rankings for apps, Gummicube helps improve overall […]

Ruby on Rails: Powerful and Cost-Effective Tool for Web Development

  Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework used for the development of web applications. Ruby on Rails or, as it is usually called, Rails is really hot nowadays and the demand for this development tool is increasing by leaps and bounds. Ruby on Rails is widely used for developing e-commerce and membership sites. Modular […]

Intellectual Property: Can You Patent an Idea?

  Applying for a patent to protect a physical design or item is a necessary part of innovation. What many creators don’t realize is that the same intellectual property rights cannot be applied to ideas. Legally, there is no claim to an idea that is not clearly defined. A general plan or notion without some […]