Audi’s Progressive People Campaign [Sponsored Video]

German automaker Audi is on the lookout for inspiring and ambitious individuals across Germany as part of its latest #progressivepeople campaign. “What drives you?” is the one simple question the campaign asks.

For years, Audi has been the benchmark for progression. Through #progressivepeople, the stellar automobile giant showcases the journey of the interviewed personalities through a series of video portraits- their ideas and dreams, the places and people that influence them, and their goals.

11In the campaign’s very first portrait, we are introduced to Berlin’s Burger Queen Kavita Meelu. Originally from UK, she moved to Berlin 7 years ago and has realized numerous food projects since. She aims to promote an active discourse on cultural integration and communication through something that everybody loves- food. A recipient of the prestigious “Innocationspreis” (Innovation Award) of the City of Berlin, she is an active promoter of emerging food startups in Berlin, helping them realize their dreams like she realized her own. Kavita Meelu has shown Berlin how the world eats.

“London made me the woman I am”, she says. On being asked about Burgers & HipHop, the Burger Queen simply replies, “Everybody likes burgers and everybody can dance to HipHop”. And because she thought it would be fun to eat and dance or dance after eating, she decided to bring those two unique experiences together as Burgers & HipHop. An unabashed foodie and travel enthusiast, Kavita is also the woman behind the home- cooking inspired supper club Mother’s Mother and Street Food Thursday, a weekly feast of eclectic food from around the world. Burgers & HipHop celebrated its first birthday on December 6th, 2014 by inviting vendors from Amsterdam, London and Paris to participate in a secret burger- making competition. Le Reflectoire from Paris bagged the first prize with its Boeuf Bourguignon, Comté cheese and apple slice burger.

After the video shoot, Kavita is unable to mask her excitement as a swanky and spacious Audi RS6 pulls up outside Prince Charles to drive her home. “It comes in a flash”, she says to the film crew accompanying her. At the end of the day, the food maestro is tired. Thanks to Audi City Berlin for the perfect HipHop shuttle!

Want to be a part of #progressivepeople ? Tell Audi about your project at If your project is exciting enough, you stand a chance to star in your very own personalized social video campaign powered by Audi!

This article is sponsored by Audi.

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