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The Basics of Applying for a Patent

As an inventor, navigating the world of patents is a vital part of securing the success and originality of your idea. It’s important to begin the patenting process as soon as your product or process is ready to go into prototyping, as securing patent rights is time sensitive. Because patents are awarded based on timing, the […]

What Net Line Actuators Do

Importance of Net Line Actuators Net line actuators provide an intelligent automated switchgear solution based on electric actuator system. It is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of electrical networks. The automatic actuator’s focal point is to ensure a reliable modular retrofit solution that will adapt much more quickly to the majority of switchgear […]

What You Can Automate in Your House With Linear Actuators

Automating a house using actuators will without a shadow of doubt make life easier. There are very many household materials, goods and furniture that can be automated. These include the couch, automated entertainment system, automated doors, the spice racks, the kitchen cabinets, the garage and the table extender. Reclining Couch The sofa sets in the […]

How to Set a Gaming Budget

No doubt about it, gambling is fun and exciting. Whether you’re gaming online, betting on a sporting event or playing poker, it’s a special buzz. But losing more than you can afford is just the opposite kind of experience. And in the heat of the moment it can be all too easy to overstretch yourself, […]

How Identity Theft Can Cost Your Business Money — And How You Can Stop It

We all know that identity theft is costly for victims: The average cost of repairing the damage from a stolen identity, including lost wages, legal fees, and other costs ranges from about $3,000 to $20,000. That’s not even taking into account the lost productivity and psychological costs. However, it turns out that individuals are not […]