Ruby on Rails: Powerful and Cost-Effective Tool for Web Development

ruby on rails

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Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework used for the development of web applications. Ruby on Rails or, as it is usually called, Rails is really hot nowadays and the demand for this development tool is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Ruby on Rails is widely used for developing e-commerce and membership sites. Modular approach and user-friendly features provided by Rails allow developing high-end e-commerce sites, loaded with tons of beneficial features that every customer will appreciate. A wide selection of plugins allows solving virtually any social networking task, and therefore develop outstanding membership and social networking websites.

Ruby on Rails is also a very powerful content management tool. Uploading audio and video files, as well as articles is extremely easy if the website is created with Rails. In other words, it allows creating a website with a content database that is easy to manage and navigate through.

Today many Ruby on Rails developers give preference to this framework over other web developing solutions, as it has several essential advantages. Web developers chose Rails for its ease of use, flexibility and speed. Building websites with Ruby on Rails is a lot easier and faster than with other frameworks or scripting languages. Generally, a website needs about 12 weeks to be developed and launched. With Ruby on Rails a similar project can be completed within 6 weeks. This is possible due to a leaner code base, that requires writing less code, and modular design that allows reusing existing elements instead of developing new ones. Future modifications are easier if a website is created with Rails. Thus, you can add new features, as well as make necessary changes in a quick and hassle-free manner.

RoR is an extremely cost-effective solution, which is another good reason to choose it for your web development project. Due to the fast speed with which Ruby on Rails websites are built and then modified, a company spends less money to complete a project. Ruby on Rails allows building websites quickly and with minimal expenses, while not sacrificing the website’s quality and performance.

With regard to all beneficial features of Ruby on Rails, we can make a conclusion that this web development tool is a real catch for startup companies. Railsware is ready to help with your Ruby on Rails project. This software development company has an excellent experience of working with Rails and offers a wide range of services. More information about Ruby on Rails and other services offered by Railsware, you will find by visiting their website.

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