How To Market An App 101: Getting Found


It doesn’t matter how great your app’s functionality if no one can find it in a store to download. And with millions of apps for sale across the various app stores, getting your app found these days is harder than ever before. A leader in App Store Optimization, Gummicube specializes in boosting search rankings for apps to improve overall distribution. Here are three tips on how to market an app successfully in the App Store:

  1. Focus on Keywords

With the App Store limiting keyword lists to 100 characters, it’s essential that mobile app developers target only the most relevant terms. Although you may be tempted to go after less competitive keywords in an effort to improve rankings, doing this will prevent you from reaching qualified searchers who are most likely to download your app. To maximize app sales, developers should avoid targeting overly generic terms and lengthy phrases. Additionally, you must stay abreast of seasonal changes in search trends using real data from actual searches in the App Store.

  1. Utilize Screenshots

Just as people buy books based on their covers, many users download apps based largely on their cover images and screenshots. To market your app effectively, utilize screenshots that convey your app’s functionality and unique advantages. Additionally, you should show off your attractive and easy-to-use platform to encourage the maximum number of users to download your app. Gummicube can help you run live focus groups and multivariate tests using its proprietary Gnome Escape channel to ensure your creative is converting.

  1. Request Feedback

A good referral is a boon for any product, and mobile apps are no exception. To ensure their apps get found, developers should encourage feedback from all the users who download their products. At Gummicube, we utilize our proprietary marketing channel known as Gnome Escape to help mobile app developers get valuable feedback for their apps and even bolster their reviews and ratings from real users. While good reviews can improve your ranking in the app store, constructive criticisms is also useful, as it gives you the opportunity to improve on quality issues with your mobile app.

Trust Gummicube to Help You Get Found

At Gummicube, we employ a full-service approach to app search optimization and boast the experience and proprietary data necessary to make your app a success. Call today or contact us online to start optimizing your app.

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