Why Am I Not Happy At Work?

How many times were you asking yourself this question at your workplace? You are not alone in this; the latest statistics show that 57% of the employees in the UK are not satisfied with their current jobs.

There are a lot of reasons why people want to change their jobs: hostile coworkers, being underpaid, lack of motivation, and overly demanding boss. Indeed, you shouldn’t stay somewhere you feel miserable and unappreciated. However, before you start looking for another job, you have to find the underlying reasons for your feelings and talk it through. It’s time to stop complaining and start solving your problems. This is how you can manage your frustration at work:

‘I have too much work’

Some employees can’t say ‘no’ to added responsibilities because they are too afraid to push back. It has been proven that working long hours can lead to fatigue and cause depression. You will be more productive if you maintain a healthy work-life balance and start resting.

Before quitting your current job due to workload, you should discuss your problem with an employer. To remain professional, come to your boss with solutions, not only complaints.

‘I’m underpaid’

If you think that you are underpaid, do some research on the internet to learn how much other professionals earn in your field. There are a lot of online resources that can help you out: LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, and Indeed. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends who work in other companies. You might want to avoid discussing salaries with your colleagues since it is not allowed in most companies.

Afterward, you can show this information to your current manager in order to ask for a raise. Also, it is very important to list your work achievements – it will help you prove that you deserve a raise. 

Learn more about job satisfaction in the infographic, according to ExpoCart

Infographic on How to be Happier at Work
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