Job Hunting: Top 3 Career Industries That Offer the Most Job Security

If you can, think back to when you graduated high school… The moment you graduated, everyone wanted to know what your next move was. They wanted to know what you were going to study in college and depending on what you told them, they would either tell you your career path was a good one or bad one… Whether you agreed with their advice or not, you couldn’t be mad at them because you know that they’ve worked longer than you and don’t want you to choose a career that has no job security.

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You, of course, want to choose a career path that makes you happy… but if that career path doesn’t bring in sustainable income or if there isn’t any job security there, you’re going to want to reconsider your career choice, especially on the job security spectrum. There are several jobs out there that pay very well but if you ever leave that job, it will be hard to find another job like it. Why is that? It’s because those industries don’t have job security.

So What is Industry-Based Job Security?

Job security based on industry type is pretty much the industries that have a high rate of employment growth and the employees stay with a company within a particular industry for an extended amount of time. Do you know why so many people hate their jobs? Well, it can be for various reasons.

CNN did a survey and more than half of US adults are unhappy at their jobs and the work they do due mostly to there not being any growth opportunities, underpaid, or they feel overworked and unappreciated… some people even leave because of the types of employees they work with… those reasons are why certain industries just don’t have job security. With that being said, if you’re having a hard time trying to determine which career industry to consider, or if at least take a look at the top industries that have the most job security first.

Top Industries With the Most Job Security

Healthcare Industry

If you hadn’t noticed, the healthcare industry isn’t slowing down any time soon. Why is that? Because as long as people live, they’re always going to need healthcare to live longer. Whether it’s regular health checkups or prescription refills, there’s not going to be a slowing of this industry.

With the advancements in medicine, people are now living longer, as evidence of the “Baby Boomer” generation, but because people are living longer, the demand for healthcare workers are increasing. Because of that, people are looking to job boards and search engines for jobs in the healthcare field. If you’re a rheumatologist, you can search rheumatology physician positions; the same applies to doctors of other specialties as well. 

Doctors aren’t the only healthcare workers in high-demand either, registered nurses, nursing aides, and physical therapists are also contenders in the healthcare industry. According to Business Insider, the employment rate of hospitals grew a little over nine percent over the last five years and the average tenure for employees in the industry is close to five years.

Sales Industry

The sales industry is another industry that’s not going anywhere either as long as there is money to be made. Every industry has some type of product or service to sell so that means that there will always be a need for a sales department or sales agents. Now in order to be a successful sales agent or team, you have to have certain personal qualities or characteristics but the biggest one you need to have is persuasiveness.

The power of persuasion is so important in the sales industry because you’re trying to get people or companies to buy whatever it is you’re selling… You need to have that quality in-person but the biggest area that the power of persuasion comes in handy the most is via social media. Companies all over the world are using social media to promote their products and services and are having great success with it.

Software Development

The world we live in today is completely digital and software developers are the virtual architects of the world. Just think of all the different forms of technologies we use on a daily basis… from apps like Uber Eats and Facebook to various business products, there’s no denying the fact that software plays a significant role in our every day lives.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the employment rate of software developers will drastically increase up to 24% by the year 2026. It’s the evolution of technology that keeps this industry alive and as long as technology continues to evolve, there will be a never-ending array of positions in this industry.

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