7 Ways A Clean Workplace Affects Your Employees Performance

Whether you’re an employer or an HR professional, you should always look into more ways on how you can improve upon your employees’ performance.

There are plenty of factors that contribute to the quality of work that an employee gives. Although the individual capability has a lot to do with it, most of the time it is the environment or other external factors that have a greater effect on employee performance.

Clean Workplace Affects Your Employees Performance

There are numerous ways to engage employees but one of the best ways to ensure that your employees can perform at their best is by providing a conducive environment by keeping your office clean.

There are several ways how a clean workplace affects the quality of work of your employees. Although this isn’t the first thing to come into people’s minds, cleanliness is an important factor to consider in employee well-being.

Read on below to find out how a clean office affects work performance.

1. It can boost morale

Employee Morale- Clean Workplace Affects Your Employees Performance

When an employee is working in a clean workplace, it has a significant boost to their morale and their general mindset.

It gives them the refreshing feeling of a clean slate that enables them to get a fresh start for the day.

A person’s mood and mindset can heavily influence their work productivity which is why employers or HRs should look into ways to better people’s moods in the office. The simple act of maintaining a clean workplace does the job quite well.

A clean workplace makes the office space more professional and respected. In turn, employees will treat themselves and the work that they do with the same reverence as the environment encourages them to do so.

2. It reduces absenteeism

Clean Workplace Affects Your Employees Performance

When the office is kept unruly and dirty, it can be an unpleasant experience for everyone ‒ and not just in the aesthetic sense of things. It will also be unpleasant to everyone’s overall health.

Given the fact that dirt is where a lot of germs and bacteria grow, it makes people sicker to work hours upon hours in a dirty workplace. Thus, if you have a dirty workplace, chances are that you will find a lot of your employees may easily pass on their sickness to one another. This can grow into a full-blown epidemic in the office and will reduce overall office productivity levels.

On that note, if you have a clean workplace, then you aren’t encouraging germs and bacteria to propagate in your office. Hence, the number of absences is reduced and workers will remain productive.

3. It motivates the employees

Motivate the employees

Aside from how a clean office boosts morale among employees, it also creates a sense of motivation for them. As mentioned before, a clean office makes it appear more dignified and respectable establishment which influences employees’ mindset.

Thus, keeping it pristine will encourage them to act like the professionals that they are. With a clean workplace, it is much easier to focus on the job and motivate oneself to do the work well instead of getting distracted by other things.

If you’ve got great decorations and interesting architecture in the office, all of that will be lost in the mess. Thus, employees will lose the will to do great work when the work that the office receives isn’t even good enough to reflect on the status of the employees.

4. It makes employees happier

Given the fact that a clean office boosts morale and motivates employees, then it is a no-brainer that it will also make employees happier. When employees are happier, then they are much more motivated to do the job and vice versa.

After all, employees spend a lot of their hours in a week right inside their workplace. It should be important that they associate positive feelings in the workplace. According to MaidSailors, an office cleaning provider in NYC, you can easily achieve this by regularly cleaning your office.

With job satisfaction of employees at a much higher rate, they can work better and more productively. Of course, other workplace benefits are great ways to make employees happier to so if you can, provide as many of those as possible.

5. It helps you concentrate at work

If you have a cluttered and messy workspace, then everything can feel quite claustrophobic. If all the items aren’t organized and kept in the right places and are left lying around everywhere, it can be distracting to employees.

Aside from that, it is also a safety hazard when items aren’t stored in the right places. Besides, it’s not like even without the mess, it’s any easier not to distract employees from all kinds of things. Don’t make it any harder by keeping a cluttered office.

Make sure that you encourage employees to throw their trash as soon as they are done with it. Always make it a habit to throw the trash out and commercial cleaning services aren’t all that bad either.

6. It boosts employee engagement

A lot of the times, the reason employees quit their jobs is because of the environment and the people that they work with.

If you have a gloomy atmosphere coupled with a small and dirty workplace, none of these can entice an employee to stay at their jobs. Thus, if you want to keep the better members of your team, then treat them with the right respect as professionals and provide them with the tools and the atmosphere and environment that can give them the chance to be high-performing employees.

If you take care of both the environment and the welfare of your employees, you are sure to retain your employees for a much longer time than you would otherwise.

7. It improves productivity

Employee performance is essentially their productivity levels and the quality of work that they produce.

If you keep the environment that they work in consistently clean, then you are sure not to disturb their productivity levels. In fact, you can even contribute to the improvement of their level of productivity because you are giving them the right conditions that can breed success and productivity.

A clean office is more than just a chore for office maintenance. It is also a means to respect the work that people are doing in the office. Plus, sickness due to the dirtiness of the workplace are strong contributing factors to the reduction of office productivity, so it’s best that you prevent it by keeping the office clean.


A clean workplace is not only nice to look at, but it also provides health and professional benefits to you and your employees. Keeping a clean workplace should be the standard and not an exceptional thing to do, so always hire professionals to clean your office regularly to maintain this level of good employee performance in the office.

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