Why Are Your Good Employees Quitting?

Do you really want your best employees to leave? You might have thought that attracting the best talent was the hardest thing you could have done at the start, but you’re wrong. The hardest thing is making sure that your best employees don’t leave. Companies spend a lot of money during their recruitment and interviewing period. They do this to make sure that they have the best. 

Allow employees break

Employers work hard to make sure that they get the best employees, however, what they forget is that they need to work just as hard to keep them. Why you might ask? Because if you think about it – the better someone is at their job, the more options they have to succeed at somewhere else. The grass is always greener on the other side, so if people get the chance to move to something that seems better then they will. So How do you know if your employee is going to quit? There are a few reasons why your employees might quit, however, it’s up to you as a boss to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Keep on reading to find out why good employees might be quitting on you.

Communication is Poor

One of the main reasons why a good employee might quit is because there is no communication. If there is no communication, then a good relationship between an employer and employee cannot develop. An employee wants to feel valued at work and not just as a resource that is there to just benefit the business. 

If you treat your employees like people and actually get to know them, then they’ll greatly appreciate this. They’ll see you trying to make an effort with them. You might also find that employees really appreciate it when their boss asks about their life outside of work. It shows the employee that the boss has actually taken an interest in them. It’s also best to make sure that you remember what your employee tells you. If they say they are going to a wedding on Saturday, you make sure you ask them how that wedding was the following Monday. 

Limit What They Can Do

Unless they are already at the top making millions, people want to make sure that they can actually progress in their job. If you limit your employee to only one thing then they’ll get bored. People crave a certain degree of freedom, they want to explore, learn new things, experiment etc. The best thing that you can do as an employer is let them. 

Your employees will want to feel like you trust them in their job role, if you micromanage them, instead of just manage them, then they might not like this. If a person is good at their job, then just let them be. Be there for them if they ask for guidance and let them feel comfortable enough to come to you if they need help. You would rather be seen as a coach or a mentor, rather than a clueless boss.

Set a Poor Example

Just because you are the boss, does not mean that you should expect people to bow down to you. You should aim to be a leader, someone who your employees look up to. Great bosses are hard workers and are always there to help when things get tough. They are not afraid of hard work. They wouldn’t ask someone to a job if they wouldn’t do it themselves. By showing your employees that you are hardworking and are there to help them, will help you earn their respect, and this should mean that they don’t leave. Running a business will always have its challenges, however, it’s down to you as the boss to make sure that you can cope with these challenges. If you find that all your employees keep quitting on you, then you need to figure out why that is? Don’t be offended when someone tells you that they are unhappy, instead try and figure out a way to help make things better. If you are interested in learning more about how to keep your employees happy, in order to stop them from quitting, then you could check out this article here about how to improve employee morale.

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