What do you wear to Daily Office, to an Interview and for a Business Meeting?


“Go buy some formals, suit up; you’re a business professional now!”
Okay, but what kind of formals? Do you wear the same kind clothes for an interview, a business meeting and for daily office work? Knowing how to dress up for a business situation is absolutely important to make a healthy impression.

You may not like the Monday mornings, but don’t show it through your dress. The best tip is to wear smart, feminine blouse or top, a blazer, simple pair of trousers or not-too dressy jeans, and of course a chic pair of heels. Comfortable and sophisticated! Make sure your clothes are fresh and ironed- try not to look clumsy. You can accessorize according to your job environment.

For a proper, professional business interview, you would want to go for a simple pair of black dress pants.  A pair of classic dress pants should be a part of every working woman’s wardrobe. Depending on the type of interview, you can pair them up with a sweater (if the interview meeting is for a startup or is a non-professional, business casual interview; a more casual look is preferred, so you don’t really need a proper suit) or with a button down or a blazer for a more professional look.  You can also go for a khaki-navy blue color combination. Grab yourself a pair of khaki blazer and navy blue skirt, you can even interchange the colours, go for a khaki skirt and a navy blue blazer, wear it over a simple white button down. Don’t put the make-up too loud, and just enough of the perfume or cologne. Keep accessories to the minimum- avoid large danglers or flashy necklaces. Whatever you wear, remember that you want to look polishes and professional, not glittery or bedazzled!

Now if you are to go for a business meeting, you can go for a simple two-piece suit, pair with a perfect blouse and make sure you aren’t revealing too much. Flashing too much skin in a meeting can be misinterpreted and grab unwanted attention. Whatever you choose, make sure the clothes are proper fit, not too loose, not too tight, also the skirt shouldn’t’ t be too short and the trousers should end exactly at the shoe line. Go for a classy pair of low-heeled black or nude shade shoes. Again keep your hair neat, or you can tie up a classy French bun.

Keep it simple, elegant and confident! It is through your attire that you portray your confidence and convey trust, health and competence. Dress up for the success.

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