Men Business Professional Attire: Everything Need to Know

If you have been working in the corporate world for a few years or are generally a fashion-conscious person, you know how men’s fashion has changed over the past few years. Especially men business professional attire has seen many transitions. 

Business attire for men these days is more about comfort than anything else. It has come a long way from being rigid and boring to more flexible and fun. Business professional attire men have become a lot more relaxed and casual which is great for creating a relaxed atmosphere for work. It frees the mind from rigidity and creative barriers. 

There is a downfall for this casual business dress for men, many men do not realize they are making some serious blunders when it comes to men’s business professional dress. We are here to help all the men out there who can’t yet put together decent professional business attire for men. Men business professional dress shows your dedication and respect for yourself as well as your job. 

Read along to find out more about men business professional attire and dress appropriately at work to create a lasting impression. 

What Is a Business Professional?

business professional

We always talk about business attire but what is a business professional concerning business professional attire for men. It is nothing more or less than a decent suit, a good-looking tie, a shirt, and professional shoes. This is the base that is essential to build your look for men business professional dress. 

As soon as you get familiar with the basics you can then expand your knowledge and experiment with accessories namely, belt, cufflinks, and a fancy watch. 

Why Does a Business Professional Attire Matter? 

A business professional attire matters because it represents your personality. It shows what kind of person you are. It sauve business attire sends out a clear message to the people you are working with that you are highly ambitious, efficient and you are in control to execute your full potential. 

Men business professional attire is all about the details. The cut and patterns of your fabric, quality of the shirt and suit, fit of your clothes and shoes are what make or break your professional look. It also depends on how you pull it off together. It matters because it shows you pay attention to details which is a rare trait these days. 

Professional Accessories for Men

As mentioned earlier, once you have your basics in place you can experiment and have fun with accessories. Accessories play an integral part in uplifting the overall look of business professional attire for men. Classic accessories that will remain timeless are a must in any men business professional attire wardrobe. Enhance your business professional look effortlessly with a timeless watch like the sophisticated REEF GMT 300M. This watch seamlessly combines elegance with high-performance functionality, embodying the perfect balance of style and practicality

Your style may be casual or smart casuals, there are classic accessories to go with every style. 

Let us look at some pieces of clothing that are a must-have in any man’s professional attire wardrobe. These will make you feel like a professional and amp up your overall professional look. 

A suit that means business

men wearing business suit

A suit is the first thing that pops up in your mind when we talk about professional business attire for men. It is a piece of men’s clothing that is made in different parts from a single fabric. Some suites come in two-pieces viz, trousers along with a jacket. Another type of suit is a three-piece suit that has a waistcoat under the jacket along with a pair of trousers. 

The three-piece suit is generally worn during weddings and the two-piece suit is usually a preferred choice for office wear. 

Every professional should have at least one of these two-piece suits for that edge over others. You can get them tailor-made according to your specifications. The first suit you make should be in a flexible color like dark navy. It is better to have no patterns on it. The reason behind choosing dark navy is that it can be paired with multiple ties and shirts. If you wish to have a second one, opt for darker colors like black or dark charcoal. It is easier to pair these colors with different colors and are suitable for funerals or weddings. 

Suit it up like it means business is said for a reason and the above-mentioned tips prove it likewise. 

Button-up collared shirts

men wearing suit

Choose classic shirts when you are building up your business professional attire. Start with collared shirts in white. These are timeless classics that one should always have. One thing to do before you zero down on a collared shirt is to try it out with all buttons, buttoned up. This way you know how it will look with the formal attire. 

Make sure the collar is sturdy and has a structure to hold your tie in place. 

Pocket Square

An elegant pocket square is a perfect accessory to enhance men business professional attire. Pocket squares are available in various designs. A pocket square adds a touch of elegance and class to the whole business attire. Match a pocket square with the color of your business suit. Pocket squares are ideal for a more formal event like a wedding rather than for the office. 

Dress Shoes

business shoes

Shoes are an important part of men’s business professional attire. Invest in classic shoes that are timeless and can be easily paired with multiple outfits. Choose shoes that have the perfect fit and shape. Oxfords are the classics that men pair with the business dress. Oxfords are called Balmoral sometimes, especially in the US. 

Oxfords are popular as dress shoes. 


Choose a classic black or brown leather belt as your first belt to go with professional business attire men. This accessory is also important when it comes to creating the perfect business attire. A good quality belt will complete your look. 


business tie

A tie shows your personality and what emotional state you are in. It is an accessory that is important and essential. The color of your tie can also express your political belonging. 

You can change your look by pairing different ties with the same suit. Pairing a different tie each time can surprise you with different looks. Choose a tie carefully that can go easily with multiple shirts and suits. 

 Dress socks 

Dress socks were earlier restricted to blacks, blues, and whites but that is not the case anymore. Socks are essential to complete your attire. Not wearing socks with dress shoes is frowned upon. Dress socks should be chosen on the basis of comfort and aesthetics. Socks are important to keep your feet from chafing against the leather of the shoe. Dress socks are available in multiple colors and styles these days. 

Men’s business fashion style Tips to guarantee success

We give you 6 easy to follow tips to guarantee success with men’s business fashion style. Follow these tips to create a flawless look and look sharp like never before. These are time-tested and work fine each time you use them. 

Tip 1: You need to care

If you don’t care about your appearance, it will show. In the business world, if you don’t pay special attention to your looks and appearance it will translate into you not caring about yourself, others, and your job.  

People take each other seriously only when they know you care. 

People judge you by the way you look and dress up, this is true unless people know you personally. In the professional world if you want to portray yourself as powerful and positive, dress the part. A smart business professional attire will get you the respect and attention that you need. 

Tip 2: Invest in timeless clothes of the best quality you can afford

Invest in timeless clothes of the best quality you can afford, especially shoes and suits. These pieces of clothing will stay with you for a really long time so might as well get something that is timeless and can be repeated. 

It is true that fashion changes every now and then but the classics remain the same, the reason they are called classics. Timeless clothes are easy to style and everyone appreciates them irrespective. 

Tip 3: Know what to hang and what to fold

An easy rule to know and follow is knowing what piece of clothing and accessory to hang and what to fold. Following this rule will keep your clothes in good shape for a long time. 

You should always hang jackets, trousers, and shirts. 

Remember to get good-quality hangers that will maintain the shape of your jackets, trousers, and shirts. Hangers that have extra-wide shoulders are great for jackets. 

All the other clothes like knitwear, t-shirts, etc should be folded and kept neatly. 

Tip  4: Use shoe trees to keep your Oxford in shape

Shoe trees keep Oxfords in shape. Oxfords tend to lose their shape over the course of their usage. Shoe trees are worth investing in given the fact that Oxfords are not cheap and should be well-taken care of. You can find shoe trees at an affordable price that have good- quality as well. 

Tips 5: Don’t overcrowd your wardrobe

This is one mistake we all do. Keeping it simple is always a good idea. Professional business attire does not require many things. Overcrowding your wardrobe will only complicate your life every morning when you won’t be able to put an outfit together. Organize your closet and keep everything in a neat fashion. You should be able to easily spot whatever you require for the day. 

 Tip 6: Play to the Occasion 

Play to the occasion, dress up according to the occasion you have at hand. Be mindful of what to wear and how you style it according to your environment. Some social situations demand to be dressed accordingly. It would be inappropriate to dress up in loud or flashy colors for a funeral. 

Business professional brands men

After reading so much about men’s business professional attire, I am sure you can’t wait to start shopping. Before you start shopping here are some business professional brands that you should be aware of. 

Tom Ford 

Tom Ford is one of the best luxury brands for men. You can never go wrong with Tom Ford clothes. 

Ermenegildo Zegna

If you want effortless styling, this is the brand for you. They have an amazing collection of well-made clothes for men. The quality of fabric and tailoring is unmatched. 


If you want to experience the finest Italian luxury, Brioni is your best bet. It is worth every penny you spend.

Hugo Boss

If you want sophisticated and modern tailoring with a keen eye on detailing, Hugo Boss is the perfect brand for men’s fashion. 


Add some spark to your business attire with Lanvin. It is the oldest French fashion house but its style is modern and full of luxury. 


1. What is business professional attire for a man?

Business professional attire for a man comprises shirt, suit, dress shoes, and tie. And accessories like cufflinks, a belt, and a dress watch. 

2. What is the business professional dress code?

A business professional dress code means you have to look a certain way in a business setting. Every workplace has a different set of ideas regarding business professional dress codes. 

3. What is an example of a business professional attire?

An example of a business professional attire would be a suit, shirt, dress shoes along with a tie. 

4. Does a business professional require a collared shirt?

Yes, it does. 

5. Are jeans business professionals?

No, jeans are not business professionals. 

6. Do you need a suit for a business professional?

Yes, mostly business professionals need a suit. 

7. What is the difference between business casual and business professional attire?

A business casual attire is more flexible than business professional attire, it is more comfortable and relaxed. Usually, people don’t wear a tie with business casual attire. There are also some workplaces that allow men to wear khakis or chinos with a jacket as casuals. 

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