A Fall Shopping Checklist for the Trendsetting Businesswoman

Summer dressing is all about staying cool, but this can be tricky in the office. So, after months of fussing to create work-appropriate outfits that won’t make you sweat, most corporate fashionistas welcome the fall season. In fall, you can have fun with layering and bold styles while staying comfortable. When it comes to women’s professional clothing, this time of year is a fashion lover’s dream.

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If you are looking for fall fashion inspiration to kick off this quarter, consider this shopping checklist.

Versatile blazer

As soon as the first chill fills the air, you can finally break out your favorite fall jackets. Generally, a high-quality blazer is enough to keep you warm, especially early in the season. So, hit the stores to find your ideal piece. When browsing your options, consider the rest of your work wardrobe. For many stylish professionals, fall clothing consists of shades like forest green, burgundy, burnt orange, and other earth tones. Stick in this color family when choosing a blazer, so you can pair it with most of your fall wardrobe. You might even want to buy a piece in black and another color when you find a blazer you love.

Wide-legged trousers

Plain-colored trousers are a staple for any professional woman. However, you can take these pants to the next level this season. Pick up a pair of wide-legged black trousers and prepare to watch your fashion world change. You can wear this staple piece with a sweater, fitted long-sleeved T-shirt, and button-down. And the unique shape of the pants will make the outfit even more fashion-forward.

Layering sweater

Your fall professional wardrobe should include at least one or two layering sweaters. Generally, cashmere turtlenecks and crewnecks are great for layering with blazers and button-downs. Have fun with color, but be sure to include at least one neutral in your collection. This way, you open your outfit possibilities and can wear the pieces with various patterns.


While we associate autumn with chilly days and warm beverages, this isn’t true for the entire season. Early fall tends to be warm, and this can make dressing a bit more challenging. However, the shirtdress can be your best friend. Find a simple shirtdress that hits just above the knee. You can pair this dress with nylons and a bold shoe to stylishly get through the warmer portion of fall. And when the days get chilly, throw on a jacket for an effortless layered look.


Midiskirts and dresses have taken over the fashion scene this year, and they aren’t going anywhere for fall. Sleek midiskirts are a great alternative to the pencil skirt, and midi dresses are both versatile and office-appropriate. You can even get creative with layering T-shirts under your dress to balance the look for fall. As the weather fluctuates, switch out booties and pumps to complement the outfit.

Gold statement jewelry

As fall arrives, it will be time to swap your breezy summer pieces for warmer metallics. Gold statement jewelry can tie together any fall outfit. A simple pair of gold hoops or a delicate stack of layering necklace can add seasonal sophistication to your look. These pieces will also transition well into winter as you look to add flair to your bundled-up style.

Once you start shopping for fall work clothing, be sure to keep your personal style in mind. Fall is a dream season for fashion-forward professionals because you can get creative with layers and introduce a large portion of your wardrobe. With the right planning, this season can be both stylish and effortless for you.

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