European Vs. American Roulette

The majority of seasoned gamblers will be able to quickly tell you that the game of Roulette is actually a lot more complex than it seems, not least because there are two different types. This is something that is quite often slept on in the gambling industry, mainly because people simply have not heard of European and American Roulette. As it turns out, however, the distinction between the two is rather important to at least be aware of – it could end up costing you a fair amount of money! 


The basic principles in American and European Roulette are much the same: a ball spins round the wheel whilst gamblers place bets on where it will land. Roulette’s dynamic nature often serves as a distraction from things like the difference between the two versions as it is just so fun to play. However, it is more than worth pitting the two together in order to see which one suits you best. Read ahead for a breakdown of European Roulette vs. American Roulette – visit for pay by phone slots.

The History Of Roulette 

So, in order to give a comprehensive overview of the differences between American and European Roulette it is first crucial that we have a look at the general history of this immensely popular piece of casino gambling entertainment. An increasing number of historians are now pointing to moments in Ancient history as paving the way for Roulette, with the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all taking great enjoyment from spinning objects. This might be a bit of a push, but you cannot deny the influences if must have had. 

In actuality the first proper example of a game that resembles Roulette can be found in 17th Century Italy, with a gambling venture called “Roly Poly”. This was a rudimentary version of the classic Roulette wheel we all know and love, and it was a Frenchman called Blaise Pascal who ended up refining it. Roulette quickly grew in popularity, spreading far beyond its original birthplace, swiftly becoming all the rage across Europe. 

It created quite the buzz, and it wasn’t long before French emigrants to Louisiana brought it over the Atlantic and into the US. Of course, the game’s popularity spread like wildfire here too, however American casinos made one crucial alteration to the Roulette wheel, something we are still feeling the effects of today… 

Differences Between European And American Roulette 

So, what is the difference between European and American Roulette? Well, it is actually quite simple, although it has a monumental affect on the results. As the story goes, American casinos were not particularly happy with the house edge of European Roulette, greedily wanting a little more for themselves. 

Consequently they added an extra value onto the wheel, what is now known as the double zero (00). Funnily enough this has a huge influence on the odds of the game, increasing the house advantage by double the amount! This is the main difference between European and American Roulette, and it means that most gamblers prefer the former. Who can blame them?

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