Top 5 Small Business Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s easy to start a business these days, but it’s harder to stay in business later. It’s simply because everybody can do it – and a lot of them actually do, so the competition is high. Do you feel like you could be a great entrepreneur but you can’t decide on any business idea that would be both original and profitable? It’s not enough to be resourceful to succeed in today’s world. Very often you need to be bold and creative in order to stand out and gain loyal customers. To inspire you, here are some crazy or surprising small business ideas that actually worked:

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1. Cannabis Dispensary

In Las Vegas marijuana is legal – we all probably know it – but not so many people are aware that so it is in many different places. More and more states are deciding to legalize the use of marijuana for adults, and not only for medicinal purposes, so the business is growing. It’s not easy to start – you will need a strong funding and a solid business plan to get a special license from your state, you may get problems with banks who don’t want to deal with cannabis companies (it’s not legal on the federal level), but it’s totally worth it. It’s estimated that the marijuana market will be worth 23$ billion by 2022. Who wouldn’t like their share in it? The range of products is only getting wider – oils, edibles, products for animals, cosmetics, even household items like pillows. The industry is expanding so take the opportunity while you still have a chance.

2. Doggles

Yes, these are simply goggles for dogs. While it may sound like a strict fashion thing and something more for the owners than the dogs, it can actually do a lot of good. It’s possible to get your doggles with prescription lenses so you may make the life of your dog much better and easier. What’s more, it may be a good idea for your dog to get a pair if you live in a region where there’s a lot of sand or bright sun. The US army decided to buy a couple of units to protect their army dogs from sandstorms and the sun while in Iraq.

3. Rental Chickens

If you rent it, you have to return it so these are not chickens for you to eat; you also don’t use them to be your surprising date on a party. The idea was to popularize urban farming and raising your own food. A coop of rental chickens can get you an idea of what it looks like on a daily basis to take care of poultry and see if it’s something you could do in a longer perspective. The company also offers to take care of your chickens during winters only to give them back to you in the spring if you don’t have a warm place for them.

4. Hangover Helpers

Almost everyone would like to use their services at least once in a lifetime. The best parties end at dawn and they’re always messy. It’s great while they last, but when you wake up the next day feeling like a wreck and you see everything around you, you only want to die. But now you can call the Hangover Helpers; the idea was brought into life by two college guys who would help their clients get their life together after a party. They come with a breakfast burrito or other hangover food of your choice, hydration drinks and painkillers; they clean up your apartment so that when you come back to life, you don’t have to do any dishes or pots, take out trash or mop the floor.

5. Delivery Drones

The idea is to enable access to all necessary medicines, vaccines and blood samples to all the people, even in hard-to-reach areas. There is a company that is developing an unmanned drone that will be able to carry between two and four pounds of goods. According to them, nearly 1 billion people don’t have a possibility to get the medical help that they may need, and it’s because of their place of living. The company will start with medicines, but eventually, the drones will work for transports of heavier products or even people. It’s just a matter of time before we get a pizza delivery drones or a drone bringing us our groceries.

Feel inspired yet? The point is to think of something useful. It’s not always obvious; in fact, the less obvious, the better and more profitable the idea. Become a good observer – see what you’re missing, what people are complaining about, what would make their life at least a little bit easier. If you find something, there’s a great chance you will make money on it. People like it when someone else is solving their problems for them. Be helpful, bold and creative. Be an entrepreneur!

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