Ways to Make Money Dog Sitting

If you’re searching for extra income or a brand new career path, dog sitting has become the new frontier of cool jobs.  This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill dog walking gig for your neighbor.  Dog sitting has the potential and scope to be the job of your dreams.  First, you have to love dogs — obvious but essential.  Now, how can you make money loving dogs?  Rover.com has the online platform and network available to make this business easy to launch.   Here’s why it’s time to get your own dog-sitting business started:

Clients Who Love You

This is the kind of job where your clients wag their tails when you arrive.  Sure, there will be barking too, but your job is to satisfy every dog’s love of playtime.  When the dogs are happy, their owners will be too.  Every pet owner needs a reliable dog sitter, and that’s where you come in.  Get connected online to hundreds of pet owners searching for their relief when they’re gone for vacation or need dog walking support.  Who doesn’t need more dog friends in their life?

Design Your Schedule

Looking for weekend work or ready to revamp your 9 – 5 work life?  As a sitter, you design your schedule.  When you create your profile on Rover.com, you post your availability so that pet owners know when they can book you.  Scheduling happens at the click of a button, so it’s clear and simple for everyone involved.  Whether you’re out of town or ready to ramp up your business, adjust your availability and work when you want!

Live An Adventurous Life

This job has no office.  Being a dog sitter gives you the freedom and flexibility to have a new adventure every day.  You may end up at the dog park, house sitting for a dog in their home, boarding a dog at your place, or out on a day hike with your new furry friend.  Welcome to your new desk-free life!  You even have the ability to live and travel to other cities across the U.S. and take your business with you.  Rover.com serves pet owners across the country.

Create Your Own Paycheck

You invent your own price tag.  Set your rate and your services according to your own budget goals.  Vary your rates according to each dog care service you provide.  You can also offer special services including bath time or light grooming for a little extra.  What’s a fair rate?  Check out the profiles of other local dog sitters to determine the competitive rates that pet owners are willing to pay.

It’s not rocket science to get this business off the ground.  To become a dog sitter with Rover.com, create your profile including your dog care services, rates, and schedule. Rover.com completes a background check for every new dog sitter to make sure you’re ready. After you’re accepted, you can begin accepting clients immediately. We want to get you out to the dog park soon!

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