What Happens When You Mix Cannabis And Kratom?

Both Cannabis and Kratom are very popular in today’s landscape, but for a long while now, people were wondering if you should mix the two. To get to the bottom of this, we’re going to have to cover both of them individually and acknowledge what effects might complement each other, and which Kratom and Marijuana side effects might augment. 

If you’re looking for a short answer, yes, it is entirely safe to mix Cannabis and Kratom, and the effects that come afterward aren’t dangerous, although might increase the likelihood of drug dependency. There are a couple of crucial things you need to consider if you’re contemplating mixing these two. 



Cannabis has been around for a long time. It’s a plant rich in CBD and THC, both of which cause wildly different effects. While CBD is very beneficial for your health without causing a high, THC is mostly known for causing the high while having a few health benefits.

The consumption of CBD rich Marijuana, known as medicinal Marijuana, is on the steady pace of legalization. If you’re applying for a job or Commercial Driver’s License, it pays to learn how long does weed stay in your system.


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Kratom is a lesser-known plant when compared to Cannabis. Kratom might be native to Thailand, but it has been a popular plant in all of Asia due to its many beneficial properties. It’s now slowly getting popular in the West as well and you can easily buy kratom from top sites. Bulk Kratom Now products are known for quality, check them out to get the best Kratom available on the web. Super Green Malay is considered to be the best quality strain.

The two most prominent alkaloids which give Kratom its effects are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. 

It has many health benefits and effects without apparent dangerous side effects. In the west, Kratom has been used to treat or cure many things from Anxiety to Opiate withdrawal.

Mixing Kratom & Marijuana

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Mixing Kratom and Cannabis to get the effects of both is an excellent way to consume them. While consuming Kratom and prescription drugs might have some health hazards, mixing it with Cannabis does not. 

There are many different strains of Cannabis, but there are also many different strains of Kratom, and different strains provide wildly varying effects. When the two are combined, the effects of both occur, and the similar effects complement each other.

The full list of medicinal benefits of this combination is yet to be fully understood and analyzed, but for now, the effects are irrefutable. 

A popular way to consume both Kratom and Cannabis is to take red vein Kratom first, then, after an hour, smoke some Marijuana. Smoking Marijuana is one of the most popular ways to take it, but you can also smoke Kratom if you like. The most popular way to take Kratom though is brewing it into a tea. 

The Dosage/Ratio

When it comes to the dosage, that is solely dependent on you. The dosage that will have the best effect will depend on your age, gender, race, capacity, and weight.

If you’re a seasoned Cannabis and Kratom user, you’ll know which amounts work best for you. You should go by the same philosophy if you’re looking to take the two together. 

Measure to dosage correctly. Please don’t overdo it, and make sure that the amount of Kratom consumed should always be larger than the amount of Cannabis. 

The best way to determine the amount you should take is through experimentation. Take a small amount of Kratom or Cannabis to learn which amount works best for you, and then build up from there.

The Combined Effects 

When you combine the two, you’re getting the best of both worlds. All the effects of Kratom will supplement the impact of Marijuana perfectly. Some of the most notable effects of this combination are:

Health Benefits of Cannabis and Kratom

Pain Relief

Both Kratom and mail order marijuana are known for their pain-relieving properties, and their effect is intensified when combined. This means you’re getting better pain relief when you consume the two, one after the other.

Opiate Withdrawal Treatment

Kratom is known for its opiate addiction treatment potential, but the combination of Kratom and Marijuana has some great addiction treatment properties. Both are adaptogens that help rid the body of stress, thus making addiction treatment more manageable. 

Psychological Benefits

Everyday life is stressful, and both Kratom and Marijuana are popular ways for people to unwind. When you combine the two, you’re getting a great antidepressant, antianxiety, and stress-relieving effect. 

Mood And Energy Boost

If you consume a CBD rich strain of Cannabis and an energy-boosting strain of Kratom, you’re bound to experience an energy “kick” while getting an uplifting effect on your mood, akin to euphoria. 

Sedation and Relaxation Properties

In lower doses, Kratom might provide an energy kick, but it has sedative properties in higher doses. When you combine higher doses of Kratom with a good strain of sedation Sativa, you’re practically guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep or a relaxing evening in front of the TV.

The Cognitive and Physical Effects 

Depending on how you take them is going to influence your personal experience. Usually, as mentioned above, the most popular way is to take Kratom first, wait a while, and then take Cannabis. In the meanwhile, it’s not a bad idea to get something to eat.

Depending on the way you consume them, the effects are going to be different as well. If you smoke Kratom, the delivery might be faster, but the effect will be less intense. 

Taking Kratom first and then Marijuana is going to be your best bet. It’s going to give you the benefits of both and cause a feeling of relaxation, pain relief, and anxiety suppression.

On the other hand, taking Marijuana and then Kratom isn’t going to be such a good experience. It might cause feelings of sedation, paranoia, and induce anxiety. 

There is little to no evidence and hard studies into the consumption of this combination. Most of the reports are based on user experiences.

In Conclusion

Both Kratom and Marijuana are famous, and both are gaining recognition for their benefits. It’s normal to want to take both of them, and we advise you to give it a try.

Just make sure to stick to the tips mentioned above, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time while you’re experimenting with your favorite supplements.

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