Three Ways Small Businesses Can Get The Most Out Of New Technologies


The era in which we live in is the most technologically advanced and diverse eras the world has seen – and this characteristic is expanding at an exponential rate. This upward trend in technology’s advancement has granted many vendors to create unbelievably progressive pieces of technology that are made available at our fingertips. We use these components to gather information, complete tasks, and carry out our day-to-day lives – in fact, I’d bet that most of you are reading this article on a smartphone.

With these trends in mind, the small business world should be divulging into the world of these new technologies, as they garner the possibility of major successes in the business world. However, we sadly see many businesses failing to do so, which is resulting in enormous losses across the board. I wanted to share three opportunities your business has to get the most out of today’s rising technologies.

Mobile and Wearable Technologies

The world has become increasingly dependent on mobile and wearable technologies. In fact, studies have shown that 91% of the US adult population owns a cell phone, and of that 91%, 61% of these are smartphones. Furthermore, the IDC predicts that 112 million wearable devices will surface throughout the next three years, and with these numbers, it is vital for a small business to immerse themselves within this digital trend. Smartphones and wearables are rapidly overtaking any other consumer shopping options, which are making the world of eCommerce an increasingly viable option in the small business world.

Additionally, as many of us know, ensuring a website is fully optimized for mobile devices is a new ranking factor in the eyes of Google, and this is yet another reason behind the push for mobile technology. Simply keeping mobile users in mind can significantly bolster the potential of a small business.

Search Engine Optimization

While we are on the topic of ranking factors, implementing proper search engine optimization within your website can serve as a “make or break” factor in today’s online-focused consumer world. As the digital world is incredibly competitive, a well-optimized website can show customers and search engines that it is the best possible option for their needs.

Of course, there is a lot that goes into the world of search engine optimization, and it is important to stay up-to-date with new industry trends, because tactics that may have worked two or three years ago can ultimately be the worst tactics to employ today.  Be sure to keep this in mind, and if you are completely unsure where to begin, Moz’s Beginners Guide to SEO may be a great place to start.

Social Media

Social media is arguably one of the most prolific features of today’s younger generation. Within the business world, it allows us to maximize our marketing endeavors with the ability to push our message to an extremely targeted audience. Plus, consumers and businesses exist among each other on these platforms. This allows for open communication between one-another.

This means it is important for a small business to uncover what social media platforms their customer base exists on, and use this to their advantage. Analyze this group of people, and find what types of content they are engaging with on social media. Replicating this can be a fantastic starting point in the world of social media.

Remember, social media is called “social” media for a reason. It should be used for brand building, rather than a direct sales line. No one wants a direct sales pitch. It is important to engage in conversations and build trust among your brand’s identity.


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