Popular Start-Ups in 2019: What can We Learn from Them?

Within the last few years, the digital era has seen the rise of many new and inventive different business startups. Following the rise in numbers of internet users, the scope for business growth has never been greater on digital platforms. With increasing amounts of startup businesses making their way onto the market in 2019 across numerous different sectors, today, we’re going to look at some of the most popular.

Health and Wearable startups

As a result of larger numbers of consumers becoming increasingly health conscious, the market within the health and wearable industry has seen an influx of new startup businesses in 2019. While the market has largely been dominated by some of the industry’s biggest names including the likes of Apple, Fitbit and Samsung, recent months have seen the rise of several new companies whom are looking to take the industry by storm.

At present, one in six consumers own and use a wearable health device, while in the next 25 years, wearables should result in a global costs saving of approximately £200 billion in the health care sector. Cardiogram is the latest startup business hitting the wearable health industry. The company’s device works alongside some of the largest releases such as the Apple Watch, Garmin and Wear OS.  The app takes the data recorded from the gadget’s heart rate sensors to detect whether or not the user is suffering with any serious health conditions.

The health and wearable market represents one of the most prevalent sectors in which businesses are continuously looking to develop into, and, at present, the sector itself has proved to be hugely popular for many startup businesses in 2019.

iGaming Industry

In recent times, many startup businesses have looked to develop into the world of iGaming, and, as a result of this, the industry’s market has become one of the largest of 2019 following the massive expansion which the industry has gone through. iGaming is an umbrella term that includes all real-money games played online, from casino games and poker to lotto, bingo and more. For many, the growth of iGaming is due to the increase in opportunities that various different platforms are offering and their continued attempts to diversify.

Although not a new arrival in 2019, Lottoland is a startup that expanded on its product significantly in 2019, proving how a company can remain highly relevant and influential in their sector. Due to the platform offering a range of different games, including casino table games, slots, scratchcards and more, it is no surprise that the platform is quickly becoming one of 2019’s most popular startup businesses. Moreover, the provider’s offering, which allows players to bet on global lotteries through MegaMillions, Millionaire and SuperEnalotto in attempts to win large jackpots, shows how players within the industry continue to find new ways to bring iGaming gameplay to their audiences. 

2019 startups

Ultimately, 2019 has been an instrumental year in many new startup businesses emerging onto the market with innovative ideas to develop the health and wearables industry, along with iGaming and many more. Cardiogram and Lottoland are two of this year’s most popular startups due to their forward-thinking products driving their respective industries into a new era.

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