Pros and Cons of Wearable Technology in Education

A student checking out some stuff on her smart watch.

Wearable technology includes smart watches, virtual reality gadgets, and implants. It is one of the emerging technologies that the education sector is embracing reluctantly. Some people point to the benefits that technology can bring to the education sector. Others are skeptical of the dangers that technology presents to the education sector.

Some of the wearable gadgets are receiving positive reviews among teachers. Other gadgets are not welcome because they are intrusive or will interfere with education processes. Here are the pros and cons of wearable technology in the education sector.

Pros of wearable technology

Provide an engaging learning environment

Virtual reality gadgets are changing the learning environment. Students enjoy working on experiments without stepping into the lab or visiting historic sites while still in class. It is a different approach to learning since the students are already used to technology. Can I pay someone to do my homework for money online? Writing services provide the best helpers for any topic or discipline. You have more time to explore the technology in education or focus on other more interesting tasks.

The teacher does not have to do all the explaining in class. Students can also perform dangerous experiments like making an atomic bomb without exposure to the actual danger. Since students use the same gadgets for entertainment, they will find learning easier and more enjoyable.

Monitor students’ performance and collect data

Technology is helping to improve the learning environment. Teachers can monitor their students, especially their vitals in different learning environments. For instance, a teacher can monitor tension and pressure during a test.

The data collected will help teachers and administrators to customize the learning environment. The teacher uses the data to make learning more enjoyable and eliminate tension. It is one of the ways through which technology is helping to improve learning outcomes.

Reduce learning time

Students can use wearables to help them access information online. The teacher can also network his gadgets with the wearables to make presentations for the students to follow. It reduces the time taken to complete an assignment or a learning session because the learning materials are available to the students.

Reduced study time allows the class to cover more content. It will reduce learning stress and make studying enjoyable. Students can achieve their potential easily if learning is easy and takes less time.

Create a modern learning environment

The brick class is boring and intimidating. Students have to rely on the teacher for all explanations. Wearables are changing the environment for the better. They are allowing students to experience learning as though it is entertainment. By creating a modern learning environment, the outcomes set will be easier to achieve.

Cons of wearable technology in education

Can interfere with administration and moderation in class

Some wearables can be used to circumvent the intentions of a classroom or learning processes. For instance, invisible and disguised wearables will help students to cheat in exams. The teacher cannot accurately test his input in class. The teacher will also be unable to assess the true potential of students in his class. It defeats the purpose of introducing technology in class.

It is expensive

While wearable technology is changing the way learning happens, it is also too expensive. Some students might not afford VR gadgets. Some schools could also obtain more technology than others, leading to inequality. The rate at which technology is growing is also alarming. Schools might not keep up with this new technology.

Wearable technology in education is an advantage but also comes with serious challenges. Some of the gadgets and technology can be incorporated without question. However, teachers and administrators must also be cautious of wearable technology that might interfere with the learning goals.

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