The Best Ways to Get Your Brand and Logo in Front of Potential Customers

The first step of a successful branding campaign is generating awareness. You can’t drive conversions or sales if your customers don’t even know you exist. You can have the most innovative product or life-saving service, but without customers taking an interest, your offer is destined to flop. Therefore, getting your brand and logo in front of potential customers is critical. 

Brand reputation

Prioritize building brand awareness, beginning with your individual brand and its offer. Marketing is not one-size-fits-all. Barbecue grills are going to require different marketing methods than sneakers. Take a look at what competitors in your industry have done that has worked well. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel, so use past success as your guide. At the same time, figure out what makes your brand different from others. Surely you wouldn’t have entered the market if a carbon copy of your brand already existed. Know your secret sauce so that you can do what competitors have done to generate awareness and then do it better. 

After you’ve figured out the path of least resistance and found a way to make your brand unique, put your brand out into the community. Exposure is key. Here are some tried and true ways to generate customer awareness and interest in your brand.

Take Advantage of Social Media

    Go to the customers instead of waiting for them to come to you. People spend hours every day scrolling through social media, so put your brand right at their fingertips. 

    Social media is an ideal opportunity to build an identity around your brand. It’s your opportunity to showcase the values of your brand that your product can’t display on its own. This boosts transparency, giving a face to the people and the ideas behind the brand. That’s why social media marketing is one of the most powerful methods to transform a useful product into a brand that people resonate with. 

    Optimize your social media for engagement. Passively posting twice a week is not very effective. Instead, get people involved by asking them to tag a friend or comment responses to questions asked in the post. This is especially crucial for Instagram and Facebook. Posts with more engagement in the comments section receive a higher boost on feeds and explore pages. Find ways to give your audience something to talk about rather than just something to look at.

Perks of the Influencer Economy

    The influencer economy has been booming for the past few years, and for good reason. Influencers are essentially modern day sales people. They can build awareness of your brand name and product within their broad sphere of influence. Furthermore, many influencers will show products or services in use. This is helpful if you sell a product in which testability is a barrier. If an influencer tests it out, then potential customers can see the product value without having to try it for themselves. 

    Maybe you’ve thought before that it seems like anyone could be an influencer. With countless Instagram influencers, it sure seems that way. The beauty brand Glossier thought so, too. In fact, they used it to their advantage to generate growth in followers on social media. Glossier decided to treat everyone like an influencer, showcasing customers testing out their products on their official feed. This community sharing helps generate growth, trust, and favorability among customers. If Instagram or celebrity influencers don’t fit your brand identity, consider making your local customers your primary influencers.

Cultivate Strategic Partnerships

    If you want to increase exposure to your brand, consider a partnership with another brand. Linking arms with other brands can help your company inherit that brand’s identity and reputation. This goes a long way in reinforcing your own brand’s values, so long as they align with your partner’s.

    Reach out to brands that have similar target audiences to yours but a slightly different market. Your offers or values should be complementary, not substitutable. For example, marketing two types of protein powder is going to be counterproductive, but marketing protein powder and gym memberships together could really get you somewhere. 

    Depending on where you’re located and the scope of your reach, it’s sometimes smart to partner with local companies. You’ll get a better idea of the community that you’re marketing too. Plus, you’ll create a sturdy network and a sense of trust through more personalized interactions.

Everyone Loves a Freebie

    People love collecting free stuff at festivals and conventions. You’d be doing a disservice to your brand and to attendees by letting them leave you empty-handed. Give customers promotional giveaways so that they’ll be exposed to your brand every time they use or see your branded freebie. It’s worth it to spend a few extra dollars get your brand name and logo in front of as many customers as possible.

    When deciding on what you want the swag to be, consider your customers. If they’re fun loving adults, offer them a koozie. If you market to families, a frisbee or game might be a good choice. Also consider the item’s relevance to what your brand sells. If your brand is technology oriented, give away branded screen cleaner stickers or something else phone related to remind them of you.

Befriend Google

    When you go to search for something on Google, how many results pages do you shuffle through? If you’re like most people, you don’t go past the first page of Google results. When real estate agents stress “Location, location, location!” they’re referring to buying property. But when marketers say it, we’re talking about the first page of results on Google. Customers search everything on Google, from navigation to information, so a top spot in their results in invaluable. 

    The safest and most reliable method to boost your ranking it to integrate search engine optimization, or SEO, into you marketing plans. Certain SEO strategies are more applicable to some markets than others, so research optimization strategies that work well for your brand. Just by understanding what your customers are searching for and how to best reach them on the web, you can significantly boost awareness of your brand.

    There are many ways to get your brand and logo out to potential customers; however, the best ways are by placing your brand where your customers are already looking: Google, their phone, social media, and at products they already own. Find clever ways to place your brand in plain sight so that learning about your brand is easy and intuitive.

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